6 Things to Do in GTA 5 While Waiting for Heists

6 Things to Do in GTA 5 While Waiting for Heists

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  1. “Best thing you can do instead of doing what this video suggest”

    1. Play a better game.

  2. Try this out since its more challenging and fun with friends. So the idea
    is you want to start at a particular location far from where you are
    suppose to go, then you have to travel there on foot without dying. The
    catch is you have to cause as much mayhem as possible and maintain 3-5 star
    rating while getting there, no means of transportation can be used. Work as
    a team with your friends. If you want it to be more fun, place an escape
    vehicle at the evac point and try running from the cops with that.

    Me and my friends start at the watch tower at the end of the beach near the
    helipad and the pay’n’spray. We shoot to get the cops attention and we try
    to survive making it to the pay’n’spray at the middle of the city. So far I
    died once, the other was friendly fire so that doesnt count. If you are
    still reading this, hope It wasn’t too much to read. Trust me this is fun.
    Btw I would suggest going into a closed session, other players can be dicks
    and kill(you) the fun.

  3. For those saying its not coming R* said it’d be before the PC version
    (March 20 somthing) so, I think it finally comes out this month. If not I’m
    going to cry. A lot. 

  4. Im playing advanced warfare for gta 5 is so boring rite now…i get in the
    mood sometimes but ones im on i feel like switching games rite awaya

  5. 3:11
    “It’s extremely hard”
    It’s also impossible you fucking idiot, not only is the melee system
    complete useless shit, but it is literally impossible to register a hit
    from a grenade. Considering how his job is related to video games he
    doesn’t seem to understand basic principles. I bet this dumbfuck would
    believe me if I told him he could shoot a gun out of somebody’s hand like
    in RDR.

  6. Heists better get here soon evolve and bf hardline are coming out soon then
    there won’t be no looking back.

  7. Why bother with gta 5 heists it ain’t coming just play battlefield Hardline
    you’ll be able to play heist there way before gta releases it 


  9. I’ll pass on all this. Online’s just as boring as it was on Ps3/360. I’ll
    just stick to f’ing around offline (more fun). Online is boring and too
    much from offline is taken out for online. Add in the fact that everything
    has to be UNLOCKED (even simple stuff that SHOULDNT have an unlock
    mechanic, like car upgrades, clothing, and well…… ANYTHING on f’ing
    online. If you have the money to buy things, you should be able to buy
    them). Whoever came up with the online mechanics should be fired. Online is
    littered with “instance” based interactions that, majority of the time, are
    not needed. (The ONLY times I see a need for instance based missions or
    “jobs” is for “custom” missions that alter the assets or add assets on the
    map). Lobbies support 30 players; why the hell are missions instances?
    ESPECIALLY missions where there can only be 2-4 players. Makes NO sense. So
    what if you run the risk of rogue player(s) (that isnt in the mission)
    killing you whilst you try to complete a mission…… That’s GTA. Take out
    party lives and make missions/jobs happen in the 30 player game lobbies)
    Here’s an idea Rockstar, rethink “jobs”, fix the servers, fix glitches, and
    fix the online economy. SO WHAT if they are FINALLY giving us online
    heists. Online still boring and broken.

  10. Hmm… There’s been little videos like this suggesting things to do while
    waiting to heists… Something tells me someone at IGN got word from
    Rockstar that heists are releasing soon…. Hmm… curious… 

  11. All I’m saying is that PC will be able to mod in jetpacks while consoles
    will be searching for “the truth”

    I mean hopefully it just becomes a free DLC