9 Best GTA 5 Missions

9 Best GTA 5 Missions

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  1. This game is amazing it deserved game of the year. I don’t think this is
    overrated but last of us definitely was it had terrible ai, clunky
    controls, shit multiplayer and no replayability. Last of us deserved a 8/10
    and GTA 5 deserved a 9.5/10 . my favourite games of this generation are
    portal, halo 3, gears of war 3 , uncharted 2 and GTA 5.

  2. You have to have friends for this game to be fun .. if you don’t then
    you’ll get bored.. make friends you nerds 

  3. I can’t believe a lot of you idiots only played GTA 5 for the Online. The
    story mode was the best of any game I’ve ever played. You really missed out
    on something special.

  4. Is it just me or did gta v ‘s single player feel like a bit of a let down.
    I can’t put my finger on what it was but the game had everything that made
    it good. Great missions, great story, innovative character switch gameplay,
    great characters and an enthralling city to play in but I don’t know I
    guess something was just missing. When the end credits rolled I felt
    satisfied but not blown away as I was expecting. Don’t know if you guys

  5. The only people that don’t like GTAV were the people that bought it because
    it was GTA and don’t even notice the satire nor the immersity of its world.
    And because of them a lot of people think this game is all about shooting
    people all the time

  6. i really hope rockstar matures GTA and it becomes a bit more serious. i
    would have liked this game a lot more if it wasn’t as stupid with horribly
    lame jokes. i love immature humor as much as the next person, but their bad
    jokes just stuck out like sore thumbs. for how cool the heists and some
    missions were, it’s ruined by things like the “FIB” and lifeinvader. oh…
    so clever… FIB… instead of FBI. i know GTA’s whole thing is to parody
    american pop culture, but for me it’s just getting old. if i wanted to
    watch or hear these tired jokes, i’d watch south park. and trevor’s
    character was just annoying.

    i don’t think i enjoyed this game as much because of Red Dead Redemption,
    definitely my favorite Rockstar game and last gen game. Rockstar did some
    really good stuff with RDR. Everything was great about that game, the
    gameplay, the writing, the characters. I loved that Rockstar showed us a
    more mature side but there were also some good comedic moments. I really
    hope they make GTA6 like RDR, just keep it more grounded and not go over
    the top with their horrible ideas of parody

  7. I swear to god, we live in the bitchiest generation. Why do I see SO many
    people complaining about video games?? Oh my god, people, do you realize
    that you can put a disc into a big box, and then do literally anything in
    the world through a TV screen? And then you go on to YouTube and then you
    *complain* about this shit cause its not *good enough*?!? SMH. That is a
    fail, humanity. That is a fail.

  8. I would rather play vice city or GTA 3 on Xbox 360 then spend another £40
    on this shit for next gen, even GTA iv had a better storyline then this
    least in that you didnt have to give your money away all the time to
    pointless characters who you kill in the end 

  9. My 9 best GTA V missions:
    2:Nervous Ron
    3:Three’s Company
    4:The Merryweather Heist (Offshore)
    5:The Paleto Score
    6:Bury The Hatchet
    7:The Bureau Raid(Roof Entry)
    8:The Third Way
    9:The Big Score(Obvious)
    The highest ratings go from 9 to 1


  10. Is that possible to replay mission when you already have finished them?
    Without replaying the hole game…