A Walk Across GTA I, II, III, IV & V Timelapse

A Walk Across GTA I, II, III, IV & V Timelapse, for the updated version with a 3rd person walk in GTA V see this video

Across the Map Series were I walk, run, jog and occasionally swim around large maps on games on a variety of consoles and PC for your viewing pleasure. If you want me to do a particular map in a particular way post your requests below.

Details for why in some of the walks he looks like he is floating on air is actually an optical illusion and is similar to the way when you look at a helicopter on the tv and the blades dont look like they are moving, someone smarter than me has explained it better here:

GTA V video section, the reason i chose 1st person was to show the progression of the series from top down to 3rd person to 1st person, i did not have a clue you actually moved faster while in 1st person while walking compared to 3rd person, i will be completing it again in 3rd person and will post a separate video and add an annotation soon.

GTA IV mod used for graphics was Icenhancer, check it out here, very very cool mod

Playlist for Across the Map

Across the map series:
#44 Morrwind – 55Mins
#43 We Happy Few – 4Mins
#42 The Witcher 3 Blood and Wine – 33Mins
#41 Arma 3 Tanoa – 4Hrs 8Mins
#40 Ark The Center – 45Mins
#39 Far Harbor – 30Mins
#38 Oblivion's Shivering Isles – 45Mins
#37 Fallout New Vegas Honest Hearts – 22Mins
#37 Fallout 3 Point Lookout – 20Mins
#36 Far Cry 2 – 48Mins
#35 Fallout 4 – 1Hr 1Min
#34 Bully – 15Mins
#33 Black Ops NukeTown – 21Seonds
#32 ArmA 3 Altis – 6Hrs – 4Mins
#31 Far Cry Blood Dragon – 15Mins
#30 ArmA Chernarus – 4Hrs 0Mins
#29 The Division – 35Mins
#28 Far Cry Primal – 42Mins
#27 Far Cry 3 – 49Mins
#26 Rust – 28Mins
#25 Fire Watch – 14Mins
#24 The Division Beta – 21 Mins
#23 Red Dead Redemption – 1Hr 40Mins
#22 Assassins Creed Syndicate – 23Mins
#21 Just Cause 3 – 8Hrs 40Mins
#20 Just Cause 2 – 4Hr 54Mins
#19 GTA V 3rd Person – 2Hrs 21Mins
#18 Fallout 3 – 1Hr 11Mins
#17 GTA 3 – 14Mins
#16 The Witcher 3 White Orchard – 14Mins
#15 The Witcher 3 Velen & Novigrad – 45Mins
#14 The Witcher 3 Skellige Isles – 1Hr
#13 ARK: Survival Evolved – 37mins 20 seconds
#12 7 Days to Die Alpha 11 – 30mins 50 seconds
#11 GTA V PC 1st person San Andreas – 52Mins 36Seconds
#10 Fallout New Vegas Mojave Desert – 1Hr 9Mins
#9 GTA IV walk across Liberty City – 1 Hr 6 Mins
#8 ArmA 3 walk across Stratis Map – 25 Mins 50 Seconds
#7 H1Z1 Walk Across the Map – 32 Mins 17 Seconds
#6 Minecraft Xbox One PS4 Seed – 44 Mins 42 Seconds
#5 Skyrim Walk Across the Map – 31 Mins 40 Seconds
#4 GTA 5 Swim around the Map – 2 Hrs 1 Min 20 Seconds
#3 FarCry 4 walk across Kyrat Map – 39Mins & 56 Seconds
#2 7 days to Die Navas Game Map – 21 Mins 25 Seconds
#1 GTA 5 run across Los Santos Map – 1 Hr

Ross Bugden – Last dawn

Ross Budgen – Legend of Styk

Ross Budgen – Flight Hymn

TecknoAXE – A hero Steps forward

TecknoAXE – Recpetion

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  1. You missed oy GTA IV limited addition where you can play as the ballad of gay tony or you can be in the lost and damned biker club as johnny

  2. 3:20 So the name of this game is “GTA III Vice City”? Wut?!
    3:25 Guys, do you remember this classic GTA game? I forgot what was it called. Oh right. It was GTA III San Andreas. Wait a second…

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  5. GTA 4 you forgot the liberty city one and then lost and dead why did u just do Niko are u dumb?

  6. I think that guy in gta sanandreas might be holding the world record of largest distance coverd on feet by a single man