24 Responses to CAR CLIFF DIVING – GTA 5 Gameplay

  1. I love the new show guys keep it up, also best part about funhaus is that
    your videos are usually uploaded at 12:00-1:00am so I watch them before bed

  2. Jesus Christ, don’t you guys know what kinda car your driving?! Fuckin

  3. I think Lawrence’s avatar should depict his glasses. Come on man, own that
    shit. BTW James is a funny mother fucker. Not my mother, but I’m sure
    there have been several. I bet he makes dem mommy panties DROP! 

  4. Great job guys! Made the mistake of trying to watch this in a library.
    Nearly got thrown out for laughing.

  5. Lawrences’ typical commute to work:
    Drive down a steep mountain, through an army base trench, blow out his
    tires with cops shooting at him, only to have a heart attack, 10 feet away
    from his destination. RIP Lawrence 

  6. I would hate to play with them. It´s fun to see them in the videos, but
    they are the worst kind of players, the ones that make fun of you for
    playing bad even when they really aren´t that good to begin with, and at
    the end if you beat them they are like “well is just a game bro, I don´t
    play to win”. Assholes.

  7. I just want to thank everyone for their support. Even though Lawrence won
    the race, I know that I tried my best.

    The baby’s name is Gwen, by the way.

  8. “I saw a gif of a dude snorting a lot of coke off his own dick.” – Lawrence

  9. I’m trying to like Lawrence SO hard, but..his…constant..grunting and
    screams, makes it a tad hard, believe me I’m trying…and I know everyone
    else also grunts/screams but not every second.