CRAZY FPS WEAPONS IN GTA 5! – First Person Shooter Mod (Call of Duty Type Weapons)

CRAZY FPS WEAPONS IN GTA 5! – First Person Shooter Mod (Call of Duty Type Weapons)

25 Responses to CRAZY FPS WEAPONS IN GTA 5! – First Person Shooter Mod (Call of Duty Type Weapons)

  1. Mods=losers. they call them self creative, being creative is making YOUR
    OWN GAME and not fucking up someone elses, un fucking sub

  2. they are not cod guns they are gta 5 guns the only thing from cod is the
    first person part

  3. Wtf everyone is getting banned for no reason but you post glotches and mods
    so much but you dont get banned

  4. Jimmy, you bust hackers, yet when some little shit comes along and you like
    his “work” you let them slide? Don’t encourage hackers Jimmy. They are
    wrecking a game like gta 5 that took them about 4 years to make. It’s not
    right. It may seem cool, but Imagine yourself being put in that lobby, with
    that guy, with him being Invincible, and explosive bullets. 

  5. MW3 didn’t have a AUG, the Musket and Firework Launcher aren’t EVEN in CoD,
    and WaW Sniper? be more specific. Also, those are GTA guns. Not CoD. Most
    of them look like CoD, but are really not.

    Put more time and research instead of slapping the gameplay in the
    background and add commentary.

    PS: Misleading title at its finest.

  6. dumbass this has nothing to do with cod its just a first person mod for gta
    every game isn’t cod idiot maybe some guns in the game are also in cod but
    they are in many other games too u can’t just instantly compare anything to
    cod because it has similar guns if u actually played gta more u would know
    that all the guns he had are in the game and not modded in to it

  7. 🙁 people don’t respect the nodding community anymore……


  8. I hate modders, I mean seriously $59,000,000!! That is just insane, such
    fucking pussies…

  9. You have no idea what you’re talking about. It isn’t call of duty, there is
    no javelin, you just slapped gameplay in, rushed a commentary, said “I’m
    not sure” WAY too much, and whacked an intro onto it. Congrats. 

  10. I like watching chaosxsilencer vids but a lot a the time you have no idea
    what your talking about. These videos could be so much better if you just
    research a little before you record and post.

  11. Wow a gun that is in both the mod and Gta does not make it a call of duty
    gun. The g36c is battlefield mord than cod, so…

  12. Type 95/Famas
    Barret 50cal
    M1 Grand
    Desert Eagle

    Easy :)