Epic GTA 5 PS4 and XBOX One Screens! NEW Experimental Weapons, Sea Plane, Mysteries and More!

Epic GTA 5 PS4 and XBOX One Screens! NEW Experimental Weapons, Sea Plane, Mysteries and More!

25 Responses to Epic GTA 5 PS4 and XBOX One Screens! NEW Experimental Weapons, Sea Plane, Mysteries and More!

  1. These rockstar cunts just used us 360 and ps3 players as testers, the game
    sucks for us now these guys get all this shit. Still waiting for HEISTS

  2. Fuck Rockstar, seriously. Having to buy the game again for 60 euros (85 US
    dollars) is fucking stupid. No thanks…

  3. Jetpack? No i want something like the Hydra only way more advanced. And
    some military boat. A BIG BOAT! I want a big fucking boat. There was a
    pretty big one in GTA IV. So it bummed me there where not in GTA V. And
    another tank and a fucking attack hellicopter. You know one of those made
    to win a war all by itself. And a IRON MAN sute wih Obama allready
    announced long ago they are making. And a space ship with a lazer canon to
    destroy the sun and…. Yes, The Dildo needs to be back as a weapon.
    Saint’s Row stole that whole Dildo as a weapon thing from GTA. And a
    Chainsaw! And…. This is probably asking a bit to much. But i want wild
    bears… :(

  4. Do you guys still think the first person rumor is true? I feel like if it
    was they would’ve added it in the list of new stuff

  5. Does anyone of you guys realize that Rockstar has been playing gta 5 next
    gen a lot already, to take these screen shots and stuff, to test the game
    😛 haha I love the next gen already! I can’t wait to buy it!

  6. Microsoft should start thinking about the little guy u know the ones that
    dont have enough money for an xbox 1 or Sony with PlayStation 4 it’s
    bolloks why do xbox 1 and ps4 get so many more things than we do. Rockstar
    aswell should look out for the little man aswell some people can’t afford
    to buy the game again. If they sold xbox 1’s at a cheap price they would
    sell a hell of a lot more, Microsoft, Sony, R* you disappoint me and loads
    of other 

  7. I’m really excited to see how this new traffic plays out. The screen shot
    of Trevor on the overpass shows a lot of late day rush hour traffic out of
    downtown. I’m hoping that the time of day really impacts the traffic so
    late at night you can have street races but during the day you want to
    avoid the highways and downtown for high speed police chases because of
    gridlock and rush hour jams!

    *edit* I’m also hoping I can hold out for PC release and not cave and buy a
    ps4 just to play this one game early.

  8. I have a question if anyone would bother answering: let’s say if I picked
    up GTAV tomorrow on 360 and played through the prologue, returned the game
    and ended up getting the new version of GTAV on PS4 when it releases, could
    I still get the exclusive content on PS4, despite having played the last
    gen version on the Xbox 360?

    Or is it one of those things that if you want the exclusive content on PS4,
    you must’ve played the PS3 version, and if you want the exclusive content
    on Xbone, you must’ve played the 360 version?

    Thanks in advance. 

  9. Hi Olli, I what new platform will you be holding on to your stats for?
    Rockstar has come out and said we will only be able to keep all our
    progression on one of the new platforms.

  10. This brings back memory’s about the old days before GTA V came out and all
    you’re videos where like this :’)