Grand Theft Auto 5 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 12 – Philips Industries (PS4)

Grand Theft Auto 5 Gameplay Walkthrough Part 12 – Philips Industries (PS4)

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  1. I am now recording my audio separate from my video recording. During this
    process I am having to edit more but the audio quality SHOULD be 10x better
    than my last GTA video. Drop back to part 11 with my normal regular
    recording and listen to this one and you all should hear a serious

  2. Wow bereghost you have good ways for your videos!next time,put more felling
    into your talking

  3. at 1:10 you drove past an Easter egg!! (a mystery) they where 5 sidelight
    dishes and the Middle one was facing a different direction and that one odd
    sidelight dish is attracting aliens :oo 

  4. Phew lucky i live in hong kong or eles you wont even know the full
    translation, auctrully um the lai lai lai means come come over here brah
    and they did it wrong

  5. Bere are you serious. Is this next gen? If not Im gonna stop watching this
    series of GTA V. Since you got another. Youre not using First Person.

  6. +BereghostGames i hear a very big difference in the audio in the other
    videos you sound all loud and such but now you are quiet and well volumed
    at first your volume was very loud

  7. Important: If you have loss your ‘Kills’ stats, Please first rejoin the
    game, If it still doesn’t works, please message me the following things, Or
    I can’t recover your data.
    Your Player ID:
    Your Kills and Death: (must tell me your real death count)
    Your Last Online time:
    Warning: If anyone provide fake information, I will reset the one’s data.
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    ★ Mobile Spawn Spots! – Quick deploy to the battleground.
    ★ Free-to-Battle Mode including Capture-The-Flag and Capture Facilities
    ★ Achievements and Rewards!
    ★ No Kill Cam! They can’t know what you plan

  8. why do people say that they have the first comments and i was second one,
    look for the hi comment and i saw it when it out came 4 min ago :)

  9. Considering you’re already a year late to the GTA 5 bus, should’ve just
    waited for the pc release and run it @ ultra 4K with your beastly setup :p