Grand Theft Auto 5 / GTA 5 – PS3 vs. PS4 Graphics Comparison [FullHD]

Grand Theft Auto 5 / GTA 5 – PS3 vs. PS4 Graphics Comparison [FullHD]

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  1. Also so viel geiler siehts zur Lastgen auch nicht aus. Nach dem Ersten
    Trailer zur Next Gen hab ich viel mehr erwartet.Hoffentlich wirds auf dem
    PC richtig geil aussehen.

  2. Heyy man could I please upload this on my channel? All credit is given to
    you, also i will add in a annotation on the screen what takes the viewers
    to your channel. ♥

  3. Barely looks any better than PS3. Biggest differences are better facial
    animation and increased amounts of foliage on PS4 but besides that there
    really isn’t a big difference here.

  4. Not worth it at all if you already played it. Only reason i would think of
    buying this would be for online heists . but thats not worth $60 in my

  5. pc players cant see the difference on here, well let me burst your bubble.
    if you cant see the difference here then you wont be able to see much
    difference on pc either. you might get a bit better visuals but not by
    much. its not like its going to be a big ass leap from the ps4. nearly in
    every game the graphics are almost the same as all consoles with exception
    that you can run games on pc on ultra, but ultra or no ultra your graphics
    will still not be far ahead of the consoles. so again if you cant see it
    here than pc version will be a disappointment for you.

  6. No difference? much improved aliasing, much denser foliage and traffic +
    peds, improved water, lighting and reflections and a shit ton more I don’t
    want to go over, if you tried to play the PS4 version on your PS3 (assuming
    if it worked that way) you would start to smell smoke from your PS3 because
    it would overheat and break down… it’s all about the little details that
    make the new version not the whole picture

  7. The Next-Gen edition of the game is stunning. I’ve been playing it for
    almost a week now and I’m always seeing new things that just stop me in my
    character’s tracks to check out. Sure, GTA5 was beautiful on the PS3, but
    it is 100% better on the PS4 with all of the graphical improvements and
    many additions. Even if you played through it on the previous system, I
    still recommend doing so again on the PS4 or XBox1.

  8. Instead of worrying about stupid first person mode, rockstar should’ve
    focused on better fps, graphics and other things such as improving the
    cover system

  9. Most of the gfx changes that stand out in the ps4 compared to the ps3 are
    in the surroundings, where I as an amateur gamer will not pay that much
    attention to. The ps4 isn’t worth the money in India but for us Indians,
    the USA ps4 is almost half the price, so if anyone really wants a ps4 its
    best to get it from USA, unless you are a hardcore in game content buyer.
    Personally I don’t think the ps4 is worth the price by Sony due to its lack
    of multimedia options compared to the Xbone, even with the 8 gb of ram. So
    in short, you pay about 18000 INR, for 8gb ram and better graphics in the
    environment. This is my opinion, pls refrain from the ‘you’re stupid’

  10. This video makes it a little harder to tell the differences by seeing it on
    this video than actually playing it, I have both on both consoles and the
    next gen is definitely worth buying. 

  11. If you can’t tell the difference between the two, then you need to realize
    that your watching this on YouTube and not on a HDTV with a PS4 hooked up
    to it. This is to give yourself an idea of what’s only to come. It’s like
    your comparing an apple and an orange with a slice of bread. You need to
    see it with the right gear before commenting how shitty to looks. 

  12. We’re watching this in scaled down Youtube quality, so differences aren’t
    going to look drastic. Put GTA 5 for PS3 on one tv next to GTA 5 for PS4 on
    another tv next to each other, and the PS4 version will blow you away.
    Better textures, shading, layouts, water effects, lighting, heavy traffic,
    waaaaay more people in public, more vehicles, FPS view, etc. It’s not even

  13. Youtube videos don’t bring the beauty this ps4 version of GTAV has to
    On my screen you can see all the detail, all the beauty of it. You really
    can see the difference from the ps3 version and the improvements on the ps4
    version. PS4 version is also worth buying tbh with all the additions and
    improvements. I still find new things every day and it’s been weeks already
    – Today I found out you can become an animal lmfao this game is ridiculous
    and funny! With all the additions of gtav on the ps4/x1 you can really see
    the games true potential… but not on youtube videos. which i’d say is
    good because now you’re in for a treat 🙂 Glad i didn’t watch these videos
    before I bought it!!! 

  14. Rockstar really took the time to make this game for past gen consoles, and
    then rebuild it again for current gen and PC. The level of detail they add
    for their games is spectacular. They really go down to the detail that most
    pay little to not attention to at all. I wish Ubisoft, and other game co.
    and devs. took the time to really build game worlds on the same level as
    RockstarGames. Bravo to them.