Grand Theft Auto 5 / GTA 5 Walkthrough Gameplay Part 3 – Chop (PS4)

Grand Theft Auto 5 / GTA 5 Walkthrough Gameplay Part 3 – Chop (PS4)

24 Responses to Grand Theft Auto 5 / GTA 5 Walkthrough Gameplay Part 3 – Chop (PS4)

  1. Brad please…. You already played this game, and you aren’t even playing
    it in first person…. Can you please focus more on Alien: Isolation…

  2. isnt the whole point of replaying this to play in first person mode why
    replay a game you played already on your channel all over again its not
    like its new content i guess your doing it for views an money i didnt
    expect one of my top 3 youtubers to do something like this smh im
    disappointed :(

  3. lovin the game, got an xbox one and gta5 for christmas just cuz i wanna
    play it in hopes of being in the same online lobby as you are in if you
    happen to be in one… i love u so much man

  4. Why is everyone complaining that he’s replaying this? I didn’t see you guys
    complain when he replayed that shit game last of us in “HD”

  5. Dear Brad,

    Please don’t finish The Crew, Alien Isolation, and Sunset Overdrive. All
    boring and terrible games. Thanks.

  6. This is a great example of what gangs are nowadays complete wannabes and
    there is no such thing as an OG anymore, the real ones are dead or locked
    up :(

  7. So your name is “Bradley Lamar Colburn”. Damn, Here i was thinking your
    middle name was completely different.

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  9. I can’t stand pewdew but at least he finishes game he started. No wonder he
    has over 32 million subscribers. For Brad to get the message, people will
    probably have to start unsubscribing. 

  10. Leave it to Brad to replay a game remastered and not show any of the new
    features…you know…like first person? 

  11. What I don’t understand about people other than me is that Rockstar created
    a brand new first person mode that looks great and everyone decides to play
    in third like they did in the last gen game? People are so strange to me.