Grand Theft Auto 5 – Hidden “JETPACK” Easter Egg! ( GTA 5 Jetpack Secret )

Grand Theft Auto 5 – Hidden “JETPACK” Easter Egg! ( GTA 5 Jetpack Secret )

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  1. U go straight off The edge ur standing on at exactly 2:40 there is another
    eye give mejor a shout meh out please

  2. JIMBROTHY found it in the International Affairs Agency building, but as
    soon as he clicked Right on his D-Pad to use it, the game said it’d be
    delivered to 48 Woodstone Cres.

  3. Read this comment. on the wall its a ufo a cracked egg and a stickman with
    a jetpack. THE EASTER EGG IS A STICKMAN WIITH A JETPACK!!!! if it was a
    real jetpack it wouldve been by itself like the ufo and the egg. The
    jetpack is a hoax like bigfoot in san andreas and it was a hoax on gta 5
    too it was a costume not a real big foot 

  4. I have this weird feeling we’ve been looking at a rock the whole time, but
    I still believe in the Jet pack! (Dang it’s become religion or something)

  5. i know exactly what to to do you go to the place around the time the sadow
    is on the rock and take the base ball bat and their will be a guy standing
    on the eage of the cliff you hit him and the light tower behind you will
    turn on

  6. this is the real jetpack location, they putted it in game, but i think
    rockstar removed it maybe there are UGLY things that they dont want us to
    see, or they dont want us to see SECRET things that were used in the game.
    so they changed their minds so they removed it

  7. jetpack is in the IAA building, ive got it it and it has exceeded its
    expectations by most owners of it it says its at 48 woodstone cres and that
    is near franklins house drive around that area and a garage will open with
    the jetpack inside, then it is yours +G4M3R1797 

  8. Another bullshit video. And enough with all the JIMBROTHY sheep fans
    already because his video was edited. In January me and my friends
    contacted Rockstar via twitter about finding the jetpack. We got a response
    and they gave us an 8 step list of instructions as to how to find this
    jetpack. Me and my friends followed the steps and we got the jetpacks back
    in January. Here is Rockstar’s instructions:

    1. Complete the story 100%, but keep Michael alive. Make sure Trevor
    dies in story mode.

    2. Use the character selection to pick Michael and drive over to the
    satellite dishes (with the space docker car) and blow all the horns at 23:30
    pm for about 1 minute. Make sure the car is aimed directly at one of the
    dishes that are pointing (almost completely upwards.)

    3. Once you’ve done that, drive over to the alien camp and wait there.

    4. At around 23:59 pm you will see a flash in the skybox, and quick beam of
    light that comes in the form of a flash and then a faint yellow light is
    seen resting on top of the highest bump of terrain at the alien camp (this
    signals where the jetpack is.) Lights have always been included in the
    GTA series to indicate where certain items are.

    5. Walk over to this bump and pick up the jetpack at exactly 00:00
    am (which is midnight.) If you walk over to the sight at 00:01 am the light
    and the jetpack will despawn. You must walk over and pick it up at EXACTLY

    6. It is an alien jetpack. The reason for this is because its an easter egg
    that makes a reference to a classic sci-fi open world game series called
    ”Destroy all humans.” The same jetpack you get is the same jetpack that
    was used by the alien protagonist in ”Destroy all humans.”

    7. It is classed as an aircraft in terms of the game’s programming so it
    can be saved at your hanger. Or you could save it in your spawn system
    (that you activate via your character’s mobile phone.)

    8. The jetpack can only be found this way in single player mode during free
    roam. Not online.


  9. If you want to find the jetpack all you have to do is get a attack
    helicopter go to the fib building shoot the middle of the building with the
    chopper and pairishoot in the area you shot at and look for the jetpack and
    go to a garage that opens for only Michael near franclens house and it
    should be their