Grand Theft Auto 5 on PS4 in REVIEW!

Grand Theft Auto 5 on PS4 in REVIEW!

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  1. this is part of the reason xbox 1 isnt doing as well bc i have yet to see a
    video of the x1 onl ps4 games on this channel yall should rename ur channel
    inside playstation bc thats all yall play on

  2. One thing they forgot to mention is how creative the developers got with
    the ps4 hardware especially the controller in using the speaker when you’re
    talking on the phone or the light bar flashing red and blue when the cops
    show up, idk little details like that are awesome to me 

  3. Didn’t get this game for the 360 because I just knew that they’d release it
    on PC too. Everyone told me I was crazy and that Rockstar never would do
    that because GTA “belongs” on consoles. (mostly console peasants told me
    thing like that though) But I am soooooo getting this for PC in a few

  4. Just the fact that you can change the FOV and things like depth of field on
    the console version is pretty cool to me. Especially because with the
    standard FOV things look way to close to your face to me. 

  5. My PC is Core i5 3350P, 8GB RAM DDR3 and HD7770 (1680×1050 screen) –
    nothing spectacular but I hope I will be able to play GTA V on PC on at
    least lowest graphical settings. Haven’t bought any of the previous and
    next gen consoles (Wii is probably the newest console I own now). Fingers
    crossed :)

  6. I enjoyed Shadow of Mordor this year, along that infamous second son was
    enjoyable. I’m sure their are more but the year of games I’d say is next

  7. these are the most important questions i have for 1st person, 1. is the
    camera still restricted, meaning when in a vehicle can you freely look
    around or is the retarded snap-back shit still there. and 2. can you take
    off auto aim? if you can’t take off auto aim what is the point playing in
    1st person. 

  8. So in short, there isn’t much of a difference and its not worth a full
    purchase price. Just wait for christmass

  9. To be fair they should make an GTA V on Xbox One review too, otherwise this
    doesn’t make any sense.

  10. “Its the best this year”
    I swear to god, if TLOU and GTA V get game of the year awards AGAIN, I’ll
    cut my dick.
    I hope review outlets take into account the fact these are re releases and
    should not be given an award for best ever two years in a row.

    In Dark Souls 2, Super Smash Brothers and Bayonetta 2 we trust.

  11. I feel like adams reviews aren’t particularly trustworthy, he someone who
    ‘appreciates’ a game so blind-sides the negatives. ie some people will want
    alot more content from this, in this he’s fine without it so negates it.
    Tbh i think i need to know what extra content im getting other than
    prettier graphics and FP view. That said im not knocking on adam he give
    more reliable feedback than lots of review sites do.

  12. Adam ->
    “I’ll pay $65 for GTA5 on PS3, $65 on for GTA5 on PS4, and $65 for GTA5 on
    PC, because ‘m RICH BITCH!”

  13. for future game developers: we prefer 60fps over slightly better graphics
    any day. im litterally not even buying this game because of it being 30

  14. If you played gta5 on the previous consoles and did not enjoy or didnt play
    the online at all then the next gen version isnt worth your time but if you
    have extra money & have friends to play with online then you should buy the
    next gen version

  15. Why fucking 30 fps is hate that shit. and then they always say, “it doesn’t
    matter” when it clearly does! ffs