Grand Theft Auto 5 Online Heists Trailer – GTA 5 Heists

Grand Theft Auto 5 Online Heists Trailer – GTA 5 Heists

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  1. whatever , yea , and you will need probably 5-8 people . and it will pay
    like , what 20,000 gta dollars . soooooo not caring about this till I see
    rock-hard-gameplay-video of this in action . . . then and only then , I may
    or may not retract that statement .

  2. “I’ve seen you have done a lot of complaining but you weren’t ready.” Does
    Rockstar think this is funny? 442 days and counting and we still don’t have
    these online heists. Obviously you guys weren’t ready back in April, May
    and June to release these heists because you were to busy working on the
    current gen version of the game even though our version should have taken
    first priority. Nice to see i’m a valued customer, poking fun at use even
    though you featured the gameplay for a gamemode back in august of 2013 to
    help sell the online aspect of the game. On top of that a majority of the
    online features in the GTA Online trailer had to added to the game months
    after release. Cute. Obviously you were ready to take our money, but not to
    deliver on what you advertised. 

  3. Reward for a 4 player crew is 670,000, pause at 0:40 divide that number by
    4 and it’s 167,500 for every player

  4. If we get what is in the video! Then HOLY SHIT.
    However I would’ve preferred to see 30 seconds of ACTUAL GAMEPLAY, just so
    Rockstar don’t oversell it and I don’t get too hyped. For example, the
    ‘acting as a police officer’ role, if that is INCLUDED then I will be left
    speechless, but if it is just a convenience store-like robbery, where all
    you need is any old car and weapons…? Then, I would be left disappointed.

  5. >People bitch about no heists
    >The trailer is released
    >People bitch about heists

    Make up your mind, people.

  6. It is said that the leaders gets his pay of at the end so means that he
    gets 360.000 at the end
    And the members get per mission pay out 100.000

  7. Galera saiu o trailer das heists do Gta V, a rockstar disse que sairia na
    próxima grande atualização!, eu acho que não é verdade, pois, eles não
    deixaram o natal passar batido né?

  8. Rockstar better not screw us over this time. If I have to spend more time
    expected in a heist and get between just $10,000-$20,000, I won’t be a very
    happy guy. This better be the best DLC we’ve had to where I can obtain
    $1,000,000 or more (to be a little more predictive $300,000-$600,000). We
    all know that making money in GTA online is not the easiest. They could at
    least make a fair profit with players who are leveled up.

  9. It has been a while for heist and the reason why its been a while is
    because of us. All the DNS codes, duplication glitches, and a bunch of
    other exploits that we have discovered has been limited. So, now Rockstar
    can do their thing and give us what we all have been waiting for since the
    first multiplayer trailer. ” I’ve seen you have done a lot of complaining
    but you weren’t ready” is not offensive cause its the truth. What I don’t
    like is that Rockstar is doing everything they can to push people to buy
    shark cards. I mean, the heist are available for ranks 12 and higher, What
    rank 12 player can afford to get everything for the heist. Well im a high
    rank and I will never be the leader of a heist.

  10. These heists better be hard !!!! Think about it. If these are easy and like
    rank 10 can beat them like that then everyones gonna be pulling out of
    there $500,000 apartment in there gold zentorno !! Like Everyone will be
    too OP !! So plz rockstar make these at least a little hard !!! Like this
    so everyone can see 

  11. Looks like the scores will be roughly around 700k judging by 0:40, and
    that’s before it’s split up. So i doubt we’ll get anything over a million

  12. Hey guys, Rockstar says we, their fanbase, have been complaining about
    heists. What a bunch of hypocrites. We, the fanbase haven’t been
    complaining at all. In fact it’s more like we’ve been waiting. Rockstar has
    constantly said that they were going to release heists, day after day for
    over a year and now they decide to release it but only because of the 4th
    Gen console versions that recently came out. I’ll tell you right now that
    though you may be excited for the release of the Heists DLC, don’t expect
    much from it.

    Remember missions in gta? Easy yet simple AND you got paid a fair amount.
    Rockstar altered them, making them harder to complete and the pay was lower
    than before. They will most likely do the same with hiests. They will take
    it as a test, a small beta if you would and see how players executive
    heists. They’ll check YouTube for anything suspicious in it, especially if
    it has to do with mods or hacks or most of all glitches. They will then
    take heists down during a 24hr maintenance and fix everything up but also
    strip heists of some of its features. They’ve done that to missions as
    punishment for counterfeit money money mods and hacks throughout 2014 after
    the initial ban hammer was put in affect. They will sure as hell do the
    same so be ready because if a 24hr maintenance period is announced, they
    will be doing some alterations to game play.

    Also be ready to expect a low income. If Rockstar are more concentrated in
    making a profit out of their game, they will alter the games money
    submitted to players on online servers. With missions now a days you only
    earn 10,000 to 20,000 which is not a lot to enjoy the game, not one bit. I
    can see Rockstar developing heists with the intention of giving players an
    income of 300,000 or less after the completion of a heist. Still not enough
    money though.

    One more thing would be when heists are actually available to players or
    crews. There’s no way Rockstar would release heists without having a time
    period of when it can be executed. Let’s say you and your friends or crew
    do a heist and complete it. I can see Rockstar putting a wait time to
    execute another heist.

    So my point is Rockstar blames the fanbase for the long release wait of
    heists while also pinning a low feature experience for players to execute
    them with wait time periods in real time. 

  13. The trailer had been released and you’re still complaining, well fuck you
    this is what you crybabies get!

  14. All of the little faggots are bitching about what lester said. Who cares.
    If R* released heists earlier you would bitch about it being an “unfinished

  15. This black car looks like the mitsubishi lancer evolution. I hope these
    missions are fun to do it and shouldnt be short as the ones we have to play
    now to earn money despite the glitches 

  16. maybe if u fucks didnt use all this money glitchs maybe they would of had
    more time to think about how to set this up but u guys have them busy
    patching the glitchs so they didnt have to time to think how to set the
    fucking heist up

  17. Awesome Trailer can’t wait for it on PC also does anybody know whats Siren
    type that is at 0:29? I know it’s a effect but I am searching for the name
    of the Siren.