Grand Theft Auto 5 PS4 – First Person Mode Walkthrough Part 1 “North Yankton Heist” (GTA 5 Gameplay)

Grand Theft Auto 5 PS4 – First Person Mode Walkthrough Part 1 “North Yankton Heist” (GTA 5 Gameplay)

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  1. Thanks for watching! I greatly appreciate all the Thumbs Up on this video,
    keep them coming and lets see if we can reach our goal of 10,000 by today!
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    Person Mode Walkthrough Part 2 “Repossession” (GTA 5 PS4 Gameplay)

  2. LOL at 9:50, listen carefully to the video and you will hear The Typical
    Gamer texting someone on his phone. Then what’s funny is that afterwards he
    starts going into saying that he loves the Cutseens!

  3. I hope you’ll post your reactions when you first play this thing on PC. I’m
    think you’re gonna be jizzing your pants every 5 seconds. I mean it looks
    decent at it’s best on PS4 and sometimes it looks like a 5 year old game.

  4. If you transfer your Xbox 360 online player to ps4 does it transfer
    campaign again? I want to play it all over again

  5. Is first person GTA V only for PS4 ? IF it is imma go and cry under my
    imaginary, poor, hobo shower…

  6. Lol, I really don’t know if you have given the copy away yet, or if you’ll
    even read this but I would really like a copy of GTA V on Xbox One because
    it looks really good from what I can see. I was never even going to buy the
    Xbox One, I wasn’t even bothered to go onto Next Gen but I watched your
    Live Stream that you uploaded a while ago and was totally convinced that I
    wanted GTA V as my first game. I’m waiting on Christmas to get my Xbox One
    so I would really really freaking appreciate it if I got chosen (O.O) <3

  7. You know that it’s pisswasser, right? In german, the ß is two s’s, making a
    ‘his’ sound. 

  8. I was considering whether to get GTA 5 for a next gen console. Should I get
    it or not? I have a 360 right now, and planning on getting an Xbox One
    (only because a lot of my friends have one).

  9. wow at first i didnt think there was much of a difference between ps3 and
    ps4 but there is a freaking huge difference
    and i didnt know it had first person but im glad it has ads

  10. can i please win the videogame PLEASE i got a ps4 for Christmas and my fam
    is a lil broke to buy me a game so my ps4 is pretty much useless but u can
    hopefully change that please thank you 

  11. I wish I can update it but last time at my house the fucking power went off
    and it turn back on I went to my room play with my ps3 and it won’t let
    play online I was mad I can’t even update it I had to sign in if my dad was
    here I’ll till him to help me with it I don’t how to do it I can’t update
    minecraft,gta5 it happened to my friend to.