Grand Theft Auto 5: PS4 vs Xbox One Comparison

Grand Theft Auto 5: PS4 vs Xbox One Comparison

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  1. Both of the games look the same besides the grass, but according to
    slwbrains on the xbox side, the xb1 has brighter colors LOL. Where they at


    #StayMad #AnotherGameBETTEROnXboxOne : ) 

  3. I honestly feel bad for whoever bought the Xbox One version. It’s absolute
    crap. Guess those fake PS4 vs 360 shots weren’t fake at all.

  4. I feel so bad for the console gamers as they are getting a very crappy
    port. How the hell a last gen game can’t run at 1080p at 60fps on the next
    gen consoles is beyond me.

  5. PS4 = 1080p, Better framerate and better foliage.
    Xbox One = 1080p, Unstable framerate while shooting and missing
    PS4 wins again obviously.

  6. Watching this from an high quality IPS display. Colors are the same. Who
    claims they’re different is probably using a low quality TN panel which
    distorts the real sRGB. 

  7. just imagine what gta 5 would of looked like if it was originally developed
    for the current gen consoles, and not been held back by last gen, guess we
    will have to wait till gta 6 to see 

  8. I swear to god you people in the comments give me cancer. Shut the fuck up
    ONE IS SHIT ILL STICK WITH MY PS4” because they look the exact fucking
    same. Dont bitch at me with “Xbox One is 900p and PS4 is 1080p”, because
    you know god damn well they look almost fucking identical, 180p wont make a
    god damn difference.

    While true the PS4 has a stronger GPU, the Xbox One has a stronger CPU, AND
    is 50$ less. HOWEVER, building a PC for 500$ will easily get you the most
    for what you pay for, consoles will never even come CLOSE to a PC.

    In other words, nobody with a sensible mind gives a fuck if it runs at 900p
    60 FPS or 1080p 30 FPS. You do. Stop caring so much about graphics, and
    start looking at the gameplay.

  9. I’m not a fanboy, i like both PS4 and Xbox One, i’m getting a XB1 for the
    kinect, which i think that’s awesome, those voice commands *-*, now they
    are finally learning how to use Xbox power, finally 1080P, of course with a
    few less detail things, but as the time goes by, that will be fixed

  10. A little anti-aliasing wouldn’t hurt … or a resolution bump up. Jaggies
    are the bane of a game’s graphics for me. I can’t stand them, nor those
    weird light flickers that happen in some modern games. 

  11. I am enjoying the game on PS4 ofcourse, and damn lol i was doing that
    hunting mission with Trevor and the difficulty increased just because of
    the folliage lol
    But damn its so fucking nice the folliage, the grass,… The city looks
    great in both the versions, but the PS4 shines with those 50% more shaders
    to render more folliage while keeping the same Frame-rate as the XboxOne

    Cant wait to see more from that PC version though!

    XboxBones don’t be butthurt that your console is geting a smak with a
    hammer by the PS4.
    The specs of both these consoles were out before they released so if you
    wanted the better performing console you should have gotten a PS4 like
    every damn gaming website/media said and quited with Sucking Microsoft’s
    Its your own damn fault.

  12. PS4 wins by landslide.

    Now what would the PC version look like?

    Make it good R*, this delay better be worth it.

  13. I can guarantee PS4 will look very close to PC, while xbox has that fake
    contrast in some parts. Rockstar wanted it to look like how it is on PS4,
    and how it will look on PC. #truth 

  14. Estoy empezando a pensar que Digital Foundry está siendo pagado para decir
    cosas buenas de juegos PS4. Ellos siempre parecen encontrar algo para tirar
    contra Xbox One.

    Cuando la resolución es un poco mejor en PS4, atacan XOne. Y cuando la
    resolución es la misma en ambos, se trasladan a los FPS (que uno es más
    estable). Y cuando el FPS están bloqueados en tanto, vienen con un análisis
    comparando mierda la puta hierba?

    Lo que van a hacer a continuación cuando Microsoft finalmente liberar el
    Directx 12 para PC y Xbox One?

    Ciertamente la actualización mejorará el número de elementos que aparecen
    en pantalla e incluso el FPS, ya que los desarrolladores están diciendo.

    El juego se ve increíble en ambas consolas, y que va a buscar irreal
    sangrienta en la PC. Así que creo que deberían dejar de publicar estas
    comparaciones inútiles, a menos que tengan algo realmente interesante para
    mostrar. Datos importantes, no la hierba!
    Mostrar menos

  15. No offense pc master race dipshit assholes but just to inform you pc cant
    handle or control the same graphics unlike consoles at least maintained
    graphics and support 60fps what happens when you play gta v in a crappy pc
    or laptop then its cant support right so console is still better because
    gaming pc or laptop is expensive as fuck and when you buy a game in pc you
    need to install it unlike consoles just put cd and straight to playing
    unlike pc you need to install it usually for 8 hours so console masterrace
    biatch but im kore on ps4 sorry xbox fanboys but at least you guys created
    a good console