Grand Theft Auto 5 PS4 vs Xbox One vs PS3 vs Xbox 360!

Grand Theft Auto 5 PS4 vs Xbox One vs PS3 vs Xbox 360!

25 Responses to Grand Theft Auto 5 PS4 vs Xbox One vs PS3 vs Xbox 360!

  1. Great vid Austin! But aren’t you a tech review, not an “Obvious Review”,
    and by that I mean the PS4 will OBVIOUSLY look the best.. Just saving you

  2. After seeing how well GTA 5 looks and runs on the PS4 and Xbox One, I’m way
    more hyped for the PC release.

    BTW watch the video in 1080p if you can! Hard to tell the difference
    otherwise lol

  3. You didn’t notice the problems of the FPS dropping while driving on the
    Xbox One because Xbox One is in fact the better console ;)

  4. I’d rather them have kept the visuals the same but made it 60 frames per
    second. Game-play should take priority over graphics. However, most of the
    players would just be mad if they did that, because they’re graphics
    warriors. Which is a very ironic position to take when you’re playing on a

  5. Cant wait to play this at 120 Fps…I have no clue how the console peeps
    can stand 30 fps or lower

  6. Whats up with all the PC elitist’s lately? Sure consoles are not perfect,
    but most console players know that. We play consoles because its more
    accessible and most of our friends play consoles too. Plus as a college
    student I have no time to play games, and see my friends so why not combine
    the two? So can the PC elitist’s please fuck off.

  7. Ugh… it’s only 30 fps? My gawd, if Rockstar can’t get GTA5 to run at
    1080p and 60 fps on the Xbox One and PS4, then that just proves that these
    two next-gen consoles are shit.

    Since I already played GTA5 on 360, I think I’m just going to wait for the
    Project Morpheus VR glasses on the PS4. There’s rumours that one of the
    reasons why Rockstar was pushing for first person view in GTA5 is because
    they might be aiming at VR glasses technology! Wouldn’t it be awesome to
    play GTA5 with 3D VR Glasses? The game could become a true realistic CRIME
    AND MURDER SIMULATOR! Oh gawd, I’m getting a hardon just thinking about
    that. With VR glasses, it will really feel like I’m there gunning down
    cops, stealing cars and getting a real lap dance with 3D boobs giggling
    just inches away from my face!

  8. That field of view made me feel claustrophobic and slightly nauseous.
    Hopefully they add a slider for it.
    Can’t wait for the PC version to roll around. 

  9. (Insert a comment complaint about GTAV only having 30 fps and how gameplay
    is more important than graphics)

    (Insert side comment about how consoles are shitty and PC master race).

  10. In all honestly fuck fps and fuck graphics when it comes to
    console vs pc
    ONly reason i prefer pc is due to
    1. every game is free for me
    2. cheat engine/cheat trainer

  11. Choppy framerate on 360? Is it an older 360 or something because I always
    have a stable framerate on 360, even if I’m driving really fast

  12. Ps4 > shitbox
    GAYBOX SUX DICK go play your halo and titanfall while we enjoy our last of
    us and uncharted <3

  13. Get a real tv . I have the ps4 and it looks so amazing now in days is all
    about the tv.stop with this nonsense

  14. PC gamer: I can run this on ultra settings and 1080p and 60fps.
    PS4 gamer: Lol who cares about specs! We are CONSOLE gamers we don’t care
    about FPS.
    PS4 gamer: *comments* LOL Xbox SUCKS!! We have an extra grass and 3fps