Grand Theft Auto 5/GTA 5 PS4 vs PS3 Trailer Comparison

Grand Theft Auto 5/GTA 5 PS4 vs PS3 Trailer Comparison

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  1. A word to the PC gamers. Ahem. I paid 300$ for my console, you paid $2000
    for yours. So suck my dick lol. Even then I still have a gaming comp in my
    room but I use it for Photoshop/Video editing. I can do Minecraft with
    shaders, and water shader running far render at 90fps.

  2. So far PS4 games looks better than PC games such as Metal solid gear 5 and
    Uncharted 4, Crysis 3, GTA V, Final fantasy 15 and just like the PS3
    consoles it will be PS4’s turn to shine and will have the best games next
    year and some of the PC gamers would want to play PS4 games like Gran
    Turismo 7, Bloodborne, Deep down and Last of us etc because these games
    won’t ever be coming out on PCs.

  3. I will enjoy the day when people understand that the PS4/Xbone are just a
    low to mid range PCs. They and can do games in 1080p but in most cases
    games run at 900p and sometimes even 720p. If a game it is at 1080p, it’s
    most likely at 30fps, especially a game like GTA V. 1080p 60fps games have
    been running on computers for many years now so it’s not a new thing. You
    can play games like GTA V on a $800 PC in 1080p no problem, it may not be
    ultra, but it can run this game with settings that are better than the
    consoles with a similar but probably better frame rate. 1080p is not
    something new, and it’s rather sad that the newest consoles can’t even run
    games at the resolution that is basically standard on any desktop PC. The
    consoles were dated on release, and mark my words, console gamers will be
    buying the next generation of consoles in 3 to 4 years because of how
    under-powered the PS4 and Xbox-One are. In a couple years 4k will be a
    thing for PC gamers, but for consoles, they aren’t even capable of running
    most AAA-titles at 30fps in 1080p. I’m not a fanboy of either party, i’m
    just stating the facts, and this is about as good as it is going to get on
    the consoles until the next generation.

  4. Could i be able to play Gta 5 on pc? My specs:
    GTX Titan Z
    AMD FX-8350 4.0ghz
    32 gb of ram?
    Could i be able to even start it?

  5. I really don’t understand the computer gamers look on this topic. Yes you
    payed $1500-$4000 on a computer gaming rig. How many people in the world
    can dump that much money into their entertainment system. Now a Xbox 360 or
    PS3 is more affordable around $50-250. A next gen console a little more but
    still affordable $350-500. Now jump a grand or several grand for a PC just
    for FPS and more game options. I personally don’t know much about computers
    so the idea of building a gaming computer is nonsense talk for me. Most
    people don’t know much about computers but a consoles as easy as plugging
    it into the wall, into the tv, and powering it on. I still remember back in
    the days when I used to play Rome Total War and Runescape on my computer at
    home. It was the biggest pain in the ass just to get RtW Working and to
    turn the game on. It seems to me my computer was always slow as hell. And
    to refresh my computer in order to make it fast again forget about it.
    Thats to much pain in the ass. I’m good. Is rather just buy a console which
    the majority of world players use. I don’t have the patience and expertise
    to run a gaming computer. 

  6. Geez. Let me start out by saying I’m PC gamer 100%. But guys what’s with
    all the malice towards eachother? Yes PC’s are superior to Consol’s in
    ALMOST every way. But some people just prefer that. I don’t get it but I
    don’t get a lot of things. Games are for fun. How about we just play and
    have fun how we want without trying to force other people to think the way
    you do. Because gaming sounds like politics right now

  7. this is a fucking scam, they made the graphics look like shit on purpose so
    this would be the selling point the second time around, their double
    dipping us

  8. i’d rather play a simple console sitting in a couch in front of a large tv
    than spending extra to sit at a fuckin desk with my keyboard, and my eyes 8
    inches away from some fancy 4k monitor. these pc “gamers” are way to proud
    but don’t understand we don’t care how powerful your “rig” is, we want
    simplicity, comfort and good games. i think they forgot what gaming really

  9. Console fanboys are retarded. You can get a pc that destroys consoles for
    the same price lmao. Where did they get this $1000 pc thing from. But im
    happy for the peasants that dont care about graphics.

  10. Console peasants,bow before the master race.We laugh at you as we max out
    our games at 1920×1080 Ultra with a buttery 60fps..PC GTAV will make this
    look like a PSP game.. Your pitiful unstable 30fps and medium graphics are
    not worthy of my time…My gfx card is more powerful than 3 ps4’s, how

  11. PC is better in every way. Some small things may be debatable. But you CAN
    NOT debate the fact that PC gaming is better. GTA 5 … will be better on
    PC 4k resolutions, mods, costomizable/better graphics. Controller
    supported. Some of the best games ever made ever are dayz and rust… I
    have over 500 hrs in both dayz and rust and you havent ever even had the
    chance to play something like that on your console… I had a really old
    amd compter around. I bought a new cpu $100 AMD quad core 965 Black edition
    and a new video card. GTX 480 $100 on craigslist. So for $200 I can play
    bf4 ultra settings. I can play all the new bets games that console may
    never even see. If your a hardcore gamer or care about competitive gaming
    at all… GET A PC.. Games are cheaper no monthly fees, more games, better
    graphics, full controller support (for racing games cause noone in thier
    right mind uses controllers for FPS games…. Its just a fact that its
    better. I have an xbone but just to call myself true gamer. Have never
    actually played a game on it besides forza for 5 min… Rant Over. Its just
    simple fact that only casual gamers play on consoles and kids.. True
    hardcore/competitive/enthuisist gamers play on PC. Try to download an
    emulators on your console that let you play every game ever made from atari
    to ps2 EVERY GAME.. OH YOU CANT ON CONSOLE.. Psssht oh btw Counter Strike
    Global Offensive X GAMES ASPEN HYPE… 

  12. i have to admit i’d love to have an good gaming pc for better graphics and
    but its much more expensive and you have to uptdate your hardware
    regularly. so its much more better for me to buy one functional system
    where the graphics are good enough to enjoy and have fun.
    it’s cheaper and the result is sufficient good
    Sorry for bad english

  13. Guide to being console gamer:
    1. Beg parents for a console.
    1.1 Run into store like an animal and battle with nerds for a console.
    2. Tell your 3 friends how cool you are.
    3. Argue with superior PC gamers over internet about your choice.
    4. Pay 10x more for each game than on a pc.
    5. Have 5 games in total.
    6. Get headache from 24fps and terrible pixels.
    7. Ask if you can install mods on your console.(NOT)
    8. Say that graphics doesn’t matter, but still point graphics as main ps4
    point agains’t xbox.
    9. Get 30% less performance for 400$ console, than 400$ pc.
    10. Tell how everyone has low fps with 1000$ pc, when having no idea how to
    build pc.
    11. Have no backwards compatibility on your stupid next-gen console.
    12. Enjoy games on 20fps and 720p after console is 2 years old.

  14. No one seems to point out that the potential of the PC is limited and
    dependable by the consoles anyway. Producers of these types of games, for
    example, develop these games with consoles on mind first. Yeah, maybe the
    retouch some visual stuff, but you are basically going to get the same
    game, prettier in some cases, but not up to the potential of your all
    mighty machine. 

  15. Face it PC nerds, the new consoles especially the ps4 has the same
    framerate and graphics. I bet 10/10 would prefer console gaming now since
    evrything is the same shit.