Grand Theft Auto 5[PS4] funny moments – FIRST PERSON PUNCHING!

Grand Theft Auto 5[PS4] funny moments – FIRST PERSON PUNCHING!

24 Responses to Grand Theft Auto 5[PS4] funny moments – FIRST PERSON PUNCHING!

  1. Can wait till they release this Game for PC it’s gonna be awesome! Also why
    don’t you do a normal Let’s Play from GTA 5 Raedwulf?

  2. This… doesn’t look next-gen. I hope the graphics actually look better
    than GTA IV on the PC because this looks like GTA IV on the PC.

  3. I saw that you had removed your previous video notifying your subs of the
    GTA V livestream that went on today, and I felt like I should say this as a
    caring sub so I’m saying it here on this video since that one’s gone.

    First off, I’ve been a subscriber to this channel for years now (since 35k
    subs), and I’ve loved pretty much all of the content you’ve created for
    this channel. Secondly, I also tune into your livestreams on occasion to
    watch you do what you love and to enjoy the sense of community present in
    the comments section while you play. That said, however, I have never
    before seen such a disrespectful streaming audience in my life. What was
    supposed to be fun for the Minions present in the stream turned out to be
    anything but. I don’t wish to bring up anything said so as to not
    negatively ruminate over it, but I feel as though a subscribers-only
    comments section on your streams for an extended period of time would help
    curb both the immaturity and blatant disrespect.

    You don’t have to do any of this for us, and yet you do, which is much
    appreciated. It should be noted, though IMO, that a line must be drawn so
    this doesn’t continue to happen.

  4. Dude you didn’t have to go Chris Brown and Ray Rice on those women lol I
    loved the video and I can’t wait until you get 1 million subs

  5. Oh god, a laugh a minute with you in GTA5, Raed. I love that you were more
    concerned about your Blimp exploding at the end there, “Meh, I just
    cratered into the street… but man… my poor Blimp.” Hahaha.

  6. This guys a fucking idiot. He should know by know that you can only get in
    the four engined plans, the biggest ones. Not the two enjoyed ones, unless
    it’s the small two engined private jess. And he blows up to much because
    his engine hits the ground signs, which most people know not to go over.
    This dumbass clearly doesn’t know how to play the game. 

  7. Excuse me le gentlesir, as a supreme Redditor I find your annoying
    commentary devoid of any comedic value. This video could have been funnier
    without you. Visit us over at r/gaming for epic memes. 

  8. Read you can only fly the biggest planes and the smallest plans the ones
    that weren’t working were the medium size you can’t fly those