Grand Theft Auto IV – GTA ARMY (Mods)

Grand Theft Auto IV – GTA ARMY (Mods)

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  1. So close to 1 million views and 5,000 likes! That insane, thank you
    everyone so much! :D

  2. This looks like sick mod, but one thing I dislike about it is that, the
    uniform is nothing like the army’s ACU such as the Digital pattern or the
    Multicam. And the gear doesn’t look like a government issue you would get
    in the U.S army.

  3. dude uif ur stil active and do u still know what mods are u using here? im
    searching for army mods for days no cant find something good

  4. Hey man, nice video, but can you put the link from the skin of the soldier
    you play with into the infobox pleasse?