Grand Theft Auto V on PS4 – E3 2014 Sony Press Conference

Grand Theft Auto V on PS4 – E3 2014 Sony Press Conference

25 Responses to Grand Theft Auto V on PS4 – E3 2014 Sony Press Conference

  1. The trains NEED to be driveable in GTA online this time around, even if
    they don’t derail… I wanna see them speed through LS way faster than they

  2. Man sony gets so cocky saying that your competitors console will transfer
    to our console. They will seriously lose this console generation due to
    being cocky and big headed. 

  3. Look at all that traffic, I’m definitely going to fail that first mission
    with Franklin.

  4. Im done with rockstar they have not even fucking released heists yet a d
    they are working on next gen versions fuck cunts

  5. I really hate this taking sides bullshit. I’m not an Xbox “fanboy” even
    though I do have an Xbox One, I think they are both equal (except for the
    minor graphical decrease on the Xbox One) they both have their pros and
    cons, like, some of the PS4’s exclusive aren’t very good, but some of the
    Xbox One’s exclusives are shit. No console is better, so they should stop
    with the “Console War” bullshit. (Please don’t hate)

  6. Im not buying this twice so I better get a 10:00 $ copy because rock star
    has screwed me enough. 

  7. new enhancements? nigger all I see new is more grass and pretty reflections
    and more dirt on people 

    having a large map and tons of buildings if you can’t enter any? I hope
    they make smaller maps in the future but with every building accessible.
    What is the bloody point of free roam when there is nothing to see or do.
    So give us casinos, boxing matches, stripclubs, nightclubs. And shorten
    those endless roads and buildings that are nothing more than map filling
    boxes. Thx in advance

  9. What month come gta v ps4 im exited very people say December November
    October September pick one really true about this

  10. GTA should just be made only for ps4 I mean come on its simply the better
    platform to play it on 

  11. Cuh I remember my first piece of pussy in Grand Theft. I had just got off
    from work doing a mission for these mafia niggas, so im rolling down
    liberty city minding my own business right and i stopped at this red light
    looked to my right and seen this bad ass chick walking my way, I honked my
    horn and this chick looked and smiled at me and came up like whats up
    daddy. I told that bitch I only had 20 dollars because the way my bank
    account was setup and next thing i know she opened my car door and got in.
    Now I was kinda pissed because my car door was locked and im wondering if
    this bitch had a key to my shit or what. Anyways I was playing some
    classical music. (bitches love classical music) and i hit that left behind
    the old Liberty City bank and next thing i know my car started bouncing up
    and down. So i stitting here like damn. I wanted to give the man some
    privacy but i just had to flip this camera screen and see what the fuck was
    going on. Long behold my nigga was smashing! I mean he laid down a towel on
    the seats and everything! Came inside the chick with no rubber and as she
    open the door and made her exit was thinking that maybe this was true love,
    but i really needed them 20 dollars, so i Ray Riced that bitch got my money
    and sped away!

  12. Im really hoping they dont lower the graphic when it actually releases. I
    hope it looks this good.. If so playing in ultra setting on a PC is going
    to look amazing for everyone

  13. Yes:

    PS3 –> PS4
    X360 –> X1
    PS3 –> X1
    X360 –> PS4

    From X360/PS3 to PC is also available.