Grand Theft Auto V: PS3 to PS4 Comparison

Grand Theft Auto V: PS3 to PS4 Comparison

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  1. I wasn’t going to get this game again, but to be honest…Playing it in FPS
    mode almost gives you a totally different experience. Giving a whole new
    way to play GTA V with different controls the way you want is just awesome.

  2. Why are so many PC Guys in a Video about a Console Game Comparison between
    2 Console Generations on a Console Channel

  3. Show the pc comparison….oh wait, there isn’t going to be a pc version, it
    can’t handle the games just like it couldn’t handle the last Gen systems
    hence why they didn’t port it lmfao pc master race my ball sack

  4. Its still 30fps… PC is where it gets really good looking at 60fps +
    shadow, light and texture mods.

  5. PC gamers are a bit jealous of consoles because of the exclusive stuff we
    get how much earlier we get things. That’s why you see a PC fanboy under
    every console video hating. I understand PC has better graphics, but PS4 is
    a close and affordable second no one cares about PC.

  6. Who’s spends a $900 plus dollars on a device just to play games with
    slightly better graphics then consoles? The ps4 and xbone 1 have only been
    out for a year and already have games that compete with “master race”

  7. Sooooo where is the difference? not hating and I plan to buy it on my
    Xboner but really so no difference. 

  8. I wasn’t gonna really buy until I saw 0:49
    You mean to tell me I get new animals, better graphics, AND A FAT MAN?!?!?

    The fat man makes the game worth it and I have already pre-ordered because
    of it. 

  9. PLEASE SOMEONE REPLY !! I want to buy GTA 5 for female character only but
    it’s only from online.. so it worth to buy GTA 5 for online only ?? Does
    the features in offline is good as in online too ?? Do you need to do some
    things in offline for online like ” I completed the main story chapter 7
    and got a kitty cat car and If I didn’t finished that chapter in
    offlinecampaign story I won’t be able to have it in online ” Is online is
    better than offline ?? ANSWER PLEASE °(>.<)° 

  10. The only thing I see different is more foliage, more trees, reflectance to
    cars and buildings, more pedestrians, more cars, basically it. Basically
    the exact same game, just better visual wise… Why buy the same exact game
    just for better visual looks I mean come on. I can have fun all day on my
    ps3 playing this and not even care about some foliage and reflectance. Sure
    they will have extra radio stations and 100 more songs for the people that
    preordering it, but just for that? I mean come on… Rockstar, you are
    basically ripping us off. Why couldnt you do the stuff you did in LA Noire
    and basically put some features there in GTA 5? Midnight Club? You couldnt
    inplement those stuff in GTA 5? Should I mention the reason theyre not
    releasing robberies aka heists is because theyre releasing it next gen
    exclusive only. And should I also mention they will add a nap dlc called
    Ludendorrf North Yankton exclusively for next gen only. I dont have the
    money to buy a ps4 and pay like 70 dollars for a game at the same time
    because I have school, a part time job to go to after school… I would but
    just for that tiny extra features I mean come on…

  11. Wake up, Rockstar. A huge portion of us can’t afford a $400 upgraded
    console, while many others simply don’t want to make the change due to the
    lack of games out on PS4. We better be getting some good in-game content on
    the PS3 to make up for this. Remember, if it weren’t for the PS3 users, you
    guys wouldn’t be nearly close to where you are today.

  12. People dont umderstand how much of an actual challenge it is just adding
    those ectra trees cars and foliage. It doesn’t seem like a big deal but its
    a huge jump from last gen to next gen. Instead of hating all the time be

  13. I don’t think PS3 version need to be improved graphically, that was enough
    to have fun.
    Rockstar act like other companies today, and didn’t care about people who
    brought a PS3 or Xbox360 only for this game back then.
    I’m actually very disapointed about Rockstar selling technics. Too bad they
    were one of the rare company I used to appreciate!

  14. honestly, it seems like the reason this comment section is so bad is
    because the younger crowd seems to be on hte PlayStation youtube page.
    never have i seen the logic that “if you cant afford a 400 dollar console,
    you should stick to your 1000 dollar pc” and “ps4 is close to a pc anyway”.
    i think that consoles will be the future of gaming… but my god… theyre
    all computers.