Grand Theft Auto V – PS3/PS4 Comparison Trailer

Grand Theft Auto V – PS3/PS4 Comparison Trailer

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  1. And FYI People, The ps4 version looks exactly the same as the xone version.
    So a “teh ps4 is da best” argument you dummies like too start is not

  2. Good thing is the PS4 is powerful enough so we don’t have to play this
    awesome game in only 900p. 

  3. I would get this, but I already know how the story ends and it takes about
    a ton of hours to beat it all over again. I wish they just made this game
    for next generation systems instead of making more money off people.

  4. Maybe I’m missing something, but this doesn’t seem to offer much incentive
    to run out and replace your PS3 with a PS4. Interesting though.

  5. A video dedicted to all migthy Sony, lol, Ign didn´t even try to upload a
    video with the xbone900p resolution, because it isn´t worth it. It will
    look just like the xbox 360.
    Ps4 is much better , if you own a xbone900p you are a complete utter loser
    and will never be anything in life.
    #Ps4ForLife #13MILLIONSOLD 

  6. Why are there all these fanboy arguments I got an xbox one because I don’t
    like the controller for the PS4 I also got it because of the exclusives for
    xbox and the fact all my friends play on it. It’s not about which console
    or PC is better it’s about where your friends are and how you like your
    controller and what exclusives are available I’m fed up of hearing how PC
    is superior and how console owners are peasants, the console was made so
    that you could come in and relax on your couch/sofa. We are not peasants
    because we use a less powerful device. 

  7. They both look like shit , with a big white tint, u want a good Color
    picture play it on Xboxone every third-party game looks better on,XBOX it’s
    a fact..

  8. Need to make pumping gas a MOD since there’s gas stations whats the point
    of that if your car never runs out of gas They still got time to do
    so!!!…But hopefully they make it for GTA6 or something close to it! I’m
    ready for this shit to come out already!! PS3 & Xbox 360 users shouldn’t
    even acknowledge this video its only for people who haven’t even had a
    chance to play wen getting the new Gen consoles like me

  9. Why show a comparison video on the lesser console? We all know the Xbox One
    is far superior in every aspect, and has the best exclusives that kicks
    both Playstation and PC’s ass by a big margin. 

  10. Hopeful the fps is better then the last gen versions. Resolution is a
    stupid thing to complain about but fps is important when it comes to
    playability. I remember getting like 20 fps on my ps3 it was awful and
    painful. Id rather have 720p and 60fps on this new consoles.

  11. The PC gamers who can’t handle GTAV in 4K at 30+ fps are not in the Master
    Race, otherwise your PC is just a console-like peasantbox :P

  12. is it me or is the amount of time its taking rockstar to release pc footage
    longer that a old man cumming 

  13. Let me see…Dragon Age 3, Witcher 3, GTA 5 looks better on
    PC…hummm…why buy consoles? Honestly! I have no idea!

  14. Can someone explain to me why they can’t make it run 60fps, because the wii
    u can run games in 60fps like smashbros, but these consoles are stronger,
    is it the game developers being lazy?

  15. PS4 AND XBOX ONE: 1080p 30fps.
    PC: 1080p-2160p (x)fps. [x depending on hardware]
    why are you guys complaining? You know what hardware you have, you know
    what the hardware is capable of. And that’s what the developers limited it
    to. The PC version is not a port, and is designed completely differently
    from the new-gen console version. Look it up for facts. No need for
    opinions when everything has been stated.
    All we can ask is if 1st person works with hookers.

  16. PC version will look the best and in a few years when graphics progress we
    can download ultra hd texture packs so the game will always look up to date
    just look at GTA IV ice enhancer! PC/MODS MASTER RACE!! ( 4K GTAV
    textures!! )