Grand Theft Auto V (PS4) – Review

Grand Theft Auto V (PS4) – Review

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  1. God, i hope that they have added (or will add) something more about the
    UFO/jetpack map stuff. That mystery has gone unsolved for far too long!

  2. Unless your friends buy it, then there is no good reason to pick this up.
    It is a glorified slightly better version of the game that came out a year
    ago, with a inferior camera angle.

    I just don’t understand, with all the awesome games coming out, this is at
    the top of everyone’s list.

  3. I’ve never been interested in gta, I don’t need to feel all macho by
    playing this game. Its always the casual ps4/pc/xbox1 gamers playing it
    just because it’s “cool” and you can be all “bad guy” here. All the
    killing, misogynistic, and drug stuff that happens here are looked are
    “cool” by so many people and kids playing this game feel “mature” just by
    playing. gta is also just too complicated and boring. I enjoy games like
    smash bros that is actually a lot of fun and is not the same old generic
    shooter. I don’t need to play gta to be mature, I know I’m mature and
    don’t need to prove it. I think most people who play gta are insecure guys
    who need to play this to feel all dangerous and cool, that’s pathetic. But
    whatever, keep playing your same old rehashed game while those of us with
    better taste enjoy fun beautiful innovative games like smash bros and mario
    kart from nintendo. 

  4. Honestly this game didn’t deserve a remake. I’m not saying this game was
    garbage, but it was very disappointing. Now before you guys try and roast
    me. Just hear, this game’s map was horrible, the majorty of it was desert,
    it was so boring. Second, the Cop AI was so unfair, I felt like they knew
    where you were. Third, the whole 3 protagonist crap was just a stupid
    gimmick, and sometimes switching between them didn’t even work. Forth, they
    didn’t even add Las Vegas or San Fransico (this ties in with the map reason
    I stated above) 

  5. I think Rockstar, Blizzard, 343i, and Bathesda are the only large tripla A
    companies that I trust with games now. Ubisoft, EA, and Activsion are just
    money whores and don’t care about giving consumers their 60$ worth with
    their broken ass, annual release, buggy pieces of poo. Thank you to the
    large companies who still have their heads on their shoulders.

  6. Dumb Rockstar should of made this their first masterpiece on next gen
    consoles, going from last gen to next is just insulting to us and to the
    game. Imagine how much better this game would of been if they didn’t bring
    it out for last gen, not that its a bad game to start with I just wish they
    would have made the driving physics a little bit more realistic and opened
    the fucking casino. 

  7. Oh my god..Play the game,dont play the game just STFU.Do u peaple ever get
    tired if complaining?Are u guys like this in person?

  8. Oh god that aimbkt.. There is no reazon for me to use the 1 person mode
    since is the same aimbot shit

  9. No one gives a shit about u ppl who don’t intend to buy. This is for those
    who care and want to buy the game. Talking shit before u have even played
    the remastered game and for what. To make urself feel better. Now fuck off
    with ur bs

  10. The only reason (the ONLY reason) I was going to buy this again, was if
    Rockstar had improved the online aspects.

    They haven’t. And it doesn’t even seem like you can play first-person
    online (no one’s mentioned it).

    So fuck it.

  11. fucking stupid review…. u need to concentrate on whats new and not gta as
    a game… we have already had that review

  12. good game but not as good as i expected it’d be. along with a rushed and
    shitty ending there’s nothing i found myself compelled to come back for.
    not even the garbage online.

    also, i would have preferred only one playable character instead of three.

    for next gen(ps4/xb1) the fps perspective looks cool but not enough for me
    to repurchase the game again. not to mention the frame drops i saw during
    the video that happened more times then i’d like. now if i hadn’t already
    played it, sure i’d by it for next gen no doubt. that’s my take on it. i
    wonder what’s next for gta

  13. The game dissapointed me enormously. When everyone stops jacking off to
    Rockstar they’ll notice certain things. Damage to cars is still none
    existent, apparently crashing at top speed in to another car or a wall
    causes no damage what so ever. The environments are still indestructible,
    you’ll die if you crash into a bush. Driving in first person is damn near
    impossible. If you didn’t play online last time around you get NO new
    weapons or cars at all, so you’re still stuck with the same shit from last
    gen. The missions haven’t changed, no new lines or anything have been added
    which makes playing through the exact same game immensely boring. That’s
    just the tip of the ice berg tbh. Don’t waste your money, I’ll be selling
    my copy second hand. 

  14. such an overrated game…how much stupid a normal person could be to pay
    again for the same game because now is in first person and in “next gen”.
    But I cal tell Rockstar is a smart company if the the “kids” want to play a
    gta “call of duty” 5 this a very smart move to steal money from the

  15. I have it on the PS4 and the Xbox one and I have to say it looks better and
    run smoother on the Xbox One. I don’t have the PC version but as eighth
    generation consoles go Xbox One is the way you want to go, for whatever
    reason it looks better it runs better and it plays better.

  16. I kinda regret buying this again. Is anyone else actually getting into full
    lobbies? The most people I’ve seen in a lobby so far is 5. I was looking
    forward to 30 player races, but again far too few people in them. The most
    players I’ve come across in a race so far is 4. Where the hell is

  17. This game is fucking garbage , it is shit compared to it’s predecessors .
    GTA san Andrea’s was a far better game. The only thing it has over San
    Andrea’s is graphics. I have no idea why they have a casino you can’t even
    go inside? None of the buildings are enterable and it’s just a huge waste
    of money The story was by far the worst I’ve ever seen. I know alot of you
    brain dead dumb ass fans are going to be mad but all you idiots can play in
    highway traffic, This game is so fucking boring ,once you reach 120 it’s no
    reason to play online anymore. Not to mention the city is pathetically
    small and it’s literally nothing to do. I’m pretty sure nobody gives 2
    shits about arm wrestling and golf. They should’ve added activities people
    are actually interested in like baseball or basketball or even football. In
    San andrea’s you could at-least go inside restaurants , police stations ,
    casino’s and rob houses at night. why even add grove street ? Or any gang
    for that matter if you have very little to No interaction with them. What
    ever happen to heist? If you bought this game on last Gen. and bought it
    again on the new gens you are a stupid ass sheep!!!! They added first
    person mode wow, that totally makes up for them lying about heist and
    putting out a beta game just to see what defects would occur …Said
    nobody. I’m totally done with Rock-star , Fuck the Dlc’s and fuck this