Grand Theft Auto V (PS4/XB1/PC) – First Person Mode Trailer (60fps) [1080p] TRUE-HD QUALITY

Grand Theft Auto V (PS4/XB1/PC) – First Person Mode Trailer (60fps) [1080p] TRUE-HD QUALITY

25 Responses to Grand Theft Auto V (PS4/XB1/PC) – First Person Mode Trailer (60fps) [1080p] TRUE-HD QUALITY

  1. So Rockstar Games have confirmed this will run at 1080p @ 30fps, but PC
    will be able to run it at 60fps and so here is what it could run/look like

  2. Why give the peasants satisfaction of watching such trailers in 60fps when
    they are only ever going to experience 30. Such a waste of bandwidth.

  3. Thanks for reassuring me about the 60fps, it will be the best version of
    GTA V, I didn’t think it was possible but they did it :’-)

  4. I must admit, this looks great at 60, but I really don’t care, getting on
    PS4, just as enjoyable in 30.

  5. Heists. Or forever get the fuck out of my face with this gta 5 shit man.
    Tired of all this. I dont give a shit about FPS be it 30 or fucking 60 WHO
    CARES, give us the damn online heists we were supposed to have a year ago.

  6. I’ll have a fun time playing this game on my 2300$ PC,1080p+ res with 100+
    fps on max grapichs settings on a 144hz monitor, and lets not forget the
    crazy fast ingame loading speeds and all the mods! Sooo smoooth! Work hard,
    game hard.

    While console peasants get 1080p locked at 30 fps, on a 1080p Tv runing at
    only 60hz, unless they want to spend 700$ on a decent TV wich is more than
    your console is worth.. haha. Oh, well, you get what you pay for.

  7. September 2013 (X360 /PS3 PEASANTS): “We got GTA V First, lol consoles
    master race!!” -Spends 60USD.

    November 2014 (XONE/PS4): “We finally have GTA V on 1080p 30fps with better
    graphics and shit, console master race!” -Spends another 60USD, plus 400USD
    on a potato machine.

    January 2015 (PC): “We got GTA V, 1080p at 60fps or I can run it at 4K.
    With Mods, and FPS view.” -Spends 60USD and already spent $900USD on a
    nuclear machine 3 years ago. 

  8. I wish people would grow up and stop bitching about frame rate and
    resolution or what platform is better.. Looks like every one just wants to
    bitch about what they play games on yet I’m just wanting to play them
    regardless of what platform I choose. Who cares as long as every one is
    having fun.

  9. I, as a fellow PC gamer, have enjoyed maxed graphics, superior resolution,
    and 60fps in many high quality games. But to be frank, I honestly find
    myself enjoying a 30fps-lock for GTA V more, simply because the higher
    frame-rates sacrifice the game’s outstanding cinematic quality. Now that
    isn’t to say I won’t be doing my best to crank out the most from the game
    when it FINALLY comes out on PC, but console players need not worry as
    we’re still talking about a next-gen re-release of one of the greatest
    games of all time. Holy balls, I r excite!

  10. How do yoy do these, I presume this was played in ps4, just like the other
    trailers, and from what I know it will only be 30fps on consoles, so how do
    you make it look 60fps 

  11. +darkSYNced Word of advice: If your original statement is along the lines
    of “I must admit, this looks great at 60, but I really don’t care, getting
    on PS4, just as enjoyable in 30.” kinda makes it hard to later follow with
    “i have a boss gaming pc that can run any game on ultra at 60 but i think
    30 looks better”. Yeah, you’re full of shit. Not necessarily a bad person,
    but obviously lying.

    Pics or it didn’t happen. 

  12. OH. MY. GOD. THIS IS AMAZING. Too bad I just have an XBOX 360 and no
    Next-Gen Console. D: (I DO have a PC, but it couldn’t handle this
    masterpiece of a game)

  13. “lol ‘master race’ has to wait until next year to play it”

    Woah, I’m going to be so distraught that we have to wait another 2 months

  14. Can somebody please tell me if i can run Assassins Creed unity on ultra
    settings 1080p @ 60fps? I own a gtx690 and a i7 3770k and 16GB ram but the
    problem is that the reccomended requirements voor unity are 3GB vram and i
    only have a gtx690 with 2GB vram so will that make it impossible for me?
    somebody please respond with a clear answer 😀 thanks in advance. 

  15. And yet the PC master race and the Console master race try to win in their
    penis measuring contest of who will get better frames per second.

  16. Enough of the “Peasant” and “Master Race” comments guys, I have a gaming
    rig but I play alot of my games on console….also console games are almost
    double the price of PC games, doesnt make me peasant
    ░░░░▀▄▒░░░░░░░░░▒ ▄▀░░░░

  17. this video is the sped up version of the original 30 fps video. it does
    look pretty sweet though. I hope Rockstar can truly up the framerate of the
    PS4 version to 60fps. If they can I will definitely buy it for PS4 or Xbox
    One or PC or whatever.

    oh an there are no “master races”. all people are equally cool or pathetic.
    cut that crap out commenters.

  18. Apparently I’m a peasant because I play games on console. It’s really a
    shame when someone is confronted unprovoked and told they are inferior
    because of their poor gaming decisions. It kind of makes me sad to be
    recognized with the “gamer” demographic when most of them are pompous

  19. If you assholes can’t handle GTA V. Then don’t play anymore video games.
    This master race shit is annoying. This game is the most awesome game this
    year! Yet you want to argue about it? You people are in your teens/or young
    adult/or adult (i don’t judge) years! Go out and take anger management or
    something, because if you can’t handle a 8GB video game. I doubt you can
    handle the real world.

  20. 30 FPS doesn’t look bad at all on a larger screens which console gamers
    play on. The average console gamers usually plays on a 42-50” display
    sitting about to meters 2 meters away and 30fps looks smooth enough and
    doesn’t hurt the eyes. PC on the other hand, you’re probably playing on a
    24-30” display but are sitting extremely close to the screen in which
    case 30fps look absolutely crap and 60 being the minimum desirable frame