Grand Theft Auto V: The Official Launch Trailer | PS4

Grand Theft Auto V: The Official Launch Trailer | PS4

25 Responses to Grand Theft Auto V: The Official Launch Trailer | PS4

  1. Have fun with the Beta testing little console ones! they need extra time
    for the powerhouse known as PC. 

  2. I’m soooooooooo glad I have a PS4 now 🙂 Playing GTA V like a fps will be
    like a new experience :)

  3. Actually looking forward to buying this back. Sold my last gen version a
    while back, because I didn’t have time for much gaming then. But I miss gta
    so much, and next gen is looming awesome.

    My ps4 is has been a useless piece of hardware so far. All to he games I
    looked forward to just failed. Watch dogs – Fail, Destiny – Fail (it’s
    good, but not what I expected), Drive club (Epic Fail, still waiting for
    the ps plus version _), FIFA – Fail(what a joke). Only good game that
    deserved my interest was Batman Arkham Knight, which I was so looking
    forward to for October, then got delayed till 2015 summer :(. So basically,
    the only game I have is fifa, and it belongs in the trash.

    Hopefully GtA will finally put my ps4 to decent use. Sad that it takes a
    game I’ve already played to really spark my interest.


  4. Haha man rockstar is mindfucking all then idiots to buy the game again , it
    looks the fucken same , and fps mode really wow what an improvement , PC
    could have modded that in 2 days.

  5. I hope the next GTA will have either a girl protagonist, or a young white
    guy. Everytime its a white guy, he’s old. Everytime it’s a black guy, he’s
    young and trying to get out of the hood. Lets reverse the roles

  6. OMG Idk what to choose I have gta v on Xbox 360 but you can transfer your
    gta v online character to ps4 but Xbox one has better exclusives if I get
    ps4 I would only play last of us remastered and uncharted 4 and pt silent

  7. im a pc gamer at heart, but reading these comment is making me not want to
    be, I have to admit, the pc community are a bunch of arsholes

  8. Can we get a black protagonist in the next GTA game that’s not in the hood
    trying to get out? And can we get a female protagonists? It would be an
    interesting take on as long as they choose good actress for the character.
    Oh, can we not have old and ugly white male protagonists? They’re funny and
    have interesting backgrounds. But I want like another Tommy V., or younger
    male protagonist. Or better yet, a Korean guy. That would be cool too. 

  9. We beat this game over a year ago you stupid pc gamers… enjoy waiting
    until 2015 to play a game that came out in 2013 while we play destiny

  10. So yeah, theres a new down side to GTA V on PC, You won’t get mods! HA so
    I’ll just back and play GTA V on my PlayStation 4 in 30 fps while you enjoy
    your life with 4k and NO MODS. Now you gotta wait that extra month AND play
    with no mods? Sucks for you PCMASTERRACE IT….SUCKS FOR YOU!

  11. But I already have the game on xbox 360 so whats the point if it’s the same
    game but pwettyer.

  12. Feel bad for you guys. A 3rd party game Sony is advertising every where. No
    games this holiday. Bad time to love PS4. Great time to love Xbox and PC

  13. *Just finished GTA V*. What an amazing game. Can’t wait to see what +Rockstar
    Games​​ will do next.