GTA 5: 29 Secrets and Easter Eggs

GTA 5: 29 Secrets and Easter Eggs

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  1. If u do the bus assasination mission wen u pick up ppl you can see the guy
    from gta 4 in the back wen it cut scenes to chek the passenger coming in
    but he dissapears after the cut scene

  2. Yeah that an the entire game is based on the 1999 film Michael Mann film
    ‘Heat’. Even tiny details from the film are in the game. 

    The face looks like Micheal in real life
    They forgot that Niko Belic can be your father in gta online

  4. I met Packie Mcreary (I think he’s a character from GTA 4) trying to find a
    getaway car then after I helped him as Trevor, he can be a part of my crew.
    I saw that scooter brother it was hilarious lol

  5. I knkw it sounds sketchy but by Franklin’s house at a grocery store or
    something mart you can find two people in a firefight with cops or
    something like that. Sorry, I don’t remember much, but this brought it to
    mind. You can drive them somewhere, I died before I got there, but you can
    hear them talking about San Andreas and I never played it, but I think they
    are the main protagenists (did I spell it wrong?) in GTA 4. Thank you if
    you took the time to read this, and I hope you find it!

  6. Even though there’s so many references to Read Dead Redemption, I don’t
    think RD and GTA are in the same universe for 1 very simple reason: Read
    Dead takes place in California, not San Andreas. I think that Read Dead
    actually takes place in the LA Noire universe.

  7. There’s a megalodon Easter egg you go to the shore of the chemical plant
    and go down 190ft-220ft and it will circle you I bit then killing you you
    can kill it take along time

  8. I love the BGM that played in the beginning of the video…. It gives me a
    sense of peace.

  9. In Franklin’house there’s a baseball shirt wi the name “McKormick”
    reference to the show South park’s fourth protaganist Kenny McKormick


  10. Its not master chief, its a reference to one of the in game TV show
    characters from republican space rangers