GTA 5 – Additional Heist Vehicle Mods & New Leaked Info! (GTA V Online)

GTA 5 – Additional Heist Vehicle Mods & New Leaked Info! (GTA V Online)

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  1. I think everyone can agree with me when I say gta. 5 is a good game and had
    potential but rock star….. They screwed up everything, gta could’ve been
    ported with 1080p and 60fps, hisses could’ve came out and had loads of
    missions… They would be animals

    Who else agrees?

  2. On the trailer I saw a black plane so that might be something like to drop
    off a load of gains or money

  3. Sup Noah first i want to say that i’m a big fan of you and that i just want
    you to read this:
    You should watch the heist trailer again, the dinghy and velum are in it!
    It would make sense if these were the ‘modded’ versions right? Well i
    didn’t see any difference between the dinghy in the trailer and the dinghy
    in the game so far but what i did see was that the velum was black so maybe
    the vehicles aren’t ‘modded’ but just slightly changed to make it more
    professional. I noticed as well that all the vehicles (apart from the
    totally new ones) aren’t able to be customized in los santos customs. I
    think they’re just other versions of the originals. And i like the new
    layout of the video! 

  4. Lol, I bought the Cargobob for $200‚000 a year ago doing a glitch to buy
    out of stock vehicles lol.

  5. I think the vilam 2 will be able to have 4 passengers because heist has 4
    people and might be a getaway vehicle

  6. Now heists is coming in March because pc got delayed!

    I sware they just delayed pc just because they don’t want to say we’re
    delaying heists!!!!!

  7. Im brazil no sei falar ingles flu ente acho seus videos bons pormais que eu
    nao intenda por ser em ingles e eu nao intendo se for cpas ponha lhegenda
    em portugues br porfavor like :-)

  8. Noah does this fake shit for views and no one gives a fuck I’m un-subbing
    you probably should too 

  9. Personally I think they keep pushing it back because of the coding leaks
    theybwant it to be a suprise but if they push it back we get angry or if
    they release it early there could be many bugs

  10. “Hey guys, here’s more fake coding for you. I personally licked the balls
    of the troll that put them online. Now you can rage when the fake shit
    doesn’t come out.”

  11. Hearing this makes me dislike R* even more. It’s been almost an entire
    month and GTA Online is broken. There are like 5 major issues going on for
    this game. And they have yet to update their newswire on what they plan on
    doing to fix these issues. Or at least give us something to compensate for
    the issues we’ve been having. They claim heists will be coming out a few
    weeks before the PC release of GTA V. But what month exactly? Cause Feb is
    the best time as any. And they never release DLC’s the same time they
    release games. 

  12. @NoahJ456 I think it would be awesome if they Made a customize mode for
    your Pegasus vehicles.