GTA 5 – All Endings / Final Missions [First Person Gold Medal Guide – PS4]

GTA 5 – All Endings / Final Missions [First Person Gold Medal Guide – PS4]

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  1. “He looks like one of those you see advertising pills for middle aged men
    who can’t get erections”
    -Trevor to Devin Weston

  2. I really miss Tommy Verceti i hope the next vice city remake has Tommy son
    doing some mafia stuff because I don’t want to play as a American, Russian,
    Republican Dominican, German or Mexican (I’m Mexican so it’s hard to say
    this) but i really want to play as a Italian not a french but Italian

  3. для чего эту концовку показывать может кто- то
    ещё не играл убивают Майкла и Тревора хорошую бы оставил

  4. I you think about it, none of this would have happened if Amanda didn’t
    cheat on Michael with the tennis coach. I mean, if Amanda didn’t cheat on
    him then Michael wouldn’t have got a visit from Mr. Martin Madrazo, and
    they wouldn’t have done the Jewellery Store Heist, then Trevor and Michael
    wouldn’t have found each other, etc.

  5. Ending B is so effing sad…knowing that Michael dies after the call from
    Amanda and the little speech he gives to Franklin. So sad. I wonder why
    they didn’t do an ending D which offers to kill Franklin, he is my least
    favorite character. I would have preferred to play as Lamar.

  6. Ending D: Kill Michael, Trevor, Devin Weston, Stretch, Cheng, Steve and
    escape to Caiman Islands with Lester.

  7. Honestly I would never want to kill the 3 main characters I would go for c
    ending I love the main characters to much lol

  8. On my first playthrough of GTA V I chose Deathwish.Then I restarded the
    game and chose Deathwish again.Then again Deathwish.Then killed Trevor.Then
    killed Michael.Then killed Trevor again.Then chose Deathwish for the fourth
    time.Once again Deathwish.Then on my playthrough on PS4 I chose to kill
    Trevor.Then I load the saved game data and killed Michael.Then again load
    the data and chose Deathwish and killed that lazy Steve Haines for my
    gangbanging friend Trevor and killed that car thief Devin Weston for my
    mentor Michael!