GTA 5 Army 1.17 DLC: NEW 9 Face Paints, Hydra, Vertical Flight, Release Date & More “GTA 5 Army DLC”

GTA 5 Army 1.17 DLC: NEW 9 Face Paints, Hydra, Vertical Flight, Release Date & More “GTA 5 Army DLC”

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  1. 2 months my ass for this much stuff i want a blackhawk with 50cals on the
    side that you can use and i want a humvie with a 50cal and 2 seater tank
    with a 50cal sorry for my spelling

  2. I know the flight school dlc just came out and it’s early to bitch about
    this, even tho I hate the modding little cunts who get shit spoiled by
    finding out the codes, but november 11th? That’s like two months and a half
    so they’re not even releasing it on anniversary day, looks like people are
    gonna take like a month fucking break from GTA, of course people are gonna
    play on anniversary for the heck of it but what’s up with that damn date?
    They better release it on anniversary.

  3. Hydra should”ve been here since the launch of GTA V. It was shown in all
    the reveal trailers for it before the game launched. I’ve waited 16 updates
    for this. I won’t be waiting 18. They get their shit together in 1.17 or I
    swear I’m selling GTA V on the spot.

  4. I think we need some weapons none of that vintage pistol shit I want that
    new leaked LMG or Scar H looking gun

  5. I think that update 1.17 will be the bank heists because this is now
    September and what month was GTA 5 released in? September,17th and all
    updates are released on Tuesday and September,16 is a Tuesday ( if you
    don’t know every update that they release randomly has came out on Tuesday
    ( The Business update, The “I’m Not A Hipster” update, and The Independence
    update all came out on Tuesdays ALL ) )
    and I think 1.18 will be a Halloween special because every holiday has had
    a theme update thing to it
    and I think update 1.19 will be this update the army update released
    obviously on a Tuesday and on Nov.11

    no I did not just pull this out of my a** just because im hoping that the
    banks come out really if you think about it there’s always been a update at
    least every month so I don’t think thy will just up in stop doing that and
    especially during the month that GTA 5 came out and during Halloween just
    to work on the veterans update
    and there’s also some codded stuff that revolves around the heists in the
    coding there’s a flare gun, satchel charges, ( not sticky bombs ) and a
    shotgun. Don’t you think that it would be useless to add that stuff without
    a actually reason? ( besides the shotgun ) a flare gun and satchel charges
    what use would they do in free roam? none so it only makes sense to be the
    bank heists
    but this is what I think but im about 73.87% sure this is what is going to

  6. Independence dlc
    Patriot dlc
    Flight school dlc
    Veteran dlc
    All army related.

    Give something new, when someone sacrifices for our country we are
    eternally grateful for more war, give it a break. Who gives a fuck? Let
    them rest in peace,a relative died. I don’t see no one preaching him Every
    single day of the year. He wouldn’t want that. Neither would those who
    sacrificed. Change it up. When did grand theft auto a game where you kill
    firemen, swat and soldiers suddenly preached soldiers and cops. That are
    constantly being killed in gta. Gta is not A American pledge game. You kill
    Americans, why update about things that have passed away?

  7. Swifters is wrong again. The next update is the snow update that is lasting
    for 2 months. I think it comes out next month. This next update is for

  8. I think what rockstar should do is pay tribute to gta san andreas for its
    10 year anniversary and add the hydra, hunter, and past melee weapons.