GTA 5 Army DLC LEAKED! New Facepaints, Hydra Code & More Military Themed Additions! (GTA V)

GTA 5 Army DLC LEAKED! New Facepaints, Hydra Code & More Military Themed Additions! (GTA V)

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  1. New Military DLC Leaked? New Hydra Information, Face paint and more! *Share
    this video with friends!*

  2. My prediction:

    September – Heists DLC for GTAV Anniversary

    October – Zombies DLC for Halloween

    November – Military DLC for Veterans Day (November 11th)

  3. He doesn’t “confirm it with APIs” you dumbass. An API or Application
    programming interface is the piece of software that describes the RAGE
    engine itself. He uses decryption methods and deobfuscators to make the
    code legible and then converts the hashes back to strings in English.
    Unless he designed an interface to automatically decrypt GTA V updates and
    sort through the hashes, your statement is wildly incorrect and
    demonstrates blind ignorance. Don’t talk about terms when you have no idea
    or even basic comprehension of the idea behind the word.

  4. I want some type of POLICE DLC new vehicles new weapons new uniforms POLICE
    stories and POLICE mission’s with criminals , kidnapping car chase downs,
    burglaries, bait car, helicopter spot light chases, riots, terrorist , drug
    cartels , SWAT Team , car pull over with chases, it can be endless with a

  5. They need a zombies dlc! I know it’s cliche and zombies are everywhere but
    it would be perfect for gta, open world zombies and a zombies mode where
    you fight the horde. But the zombies don’t just chase you, make them smart.
    I’d pay for that dlc 

  6. I knew they would do something like this if it’s official, I been waiting
    on Camo Paint for LS Customs and also Military and Police clothing too….

  7. Who cares people are just going to get bored of it in no more than a few
    days. Need actual game enhancing dlcs not just these lame additions. 

  8. In my opinion even if the hydra and attack helicopter were to have come out
    on the flight school update gta 5 would still be boring as fuck

  9. My prediction

    Sept – heists for gta v anniversary

    Oct – zombies for Halloween

    Nov – military for Veterans Day (Nov 11)

  10. Poor Red Robin…..

    He don’t even sound excited anymore. He’s sounding like “yeah yeah yeah
    this game is getting stale”!!!!

    I heard today from gamestop GTA for next gen isn’t even coming out til new
    years eve!!!!!

    …..well I got madden now so time to move on for a couple of months. 

  11. You have 300,000 subs
    Why are you still asking for likes you should be getting more then 1k likes

  12. i dont give a fuck about fucking planes or heli shits, rockstar is just
    fucking stalling to make more fucking money those greedy bastards, rockstar
    promised us heist since day one. i dont give a fuck about the new dlcs , i
    just want fucking heist. sorry for my language 

  13. +JoblessGamers
    Hey Garrett,
    would it be cool for rock star came out with an army, Marine, Air Force,
    and Navy DLC?

    HDLC will have specific weapons Clothing & vehicles of land, air, water/
    invidious vehicle.
    ground vehicles consisting of Tanks, light tanks, Humvees with different
    camos along with transport vehicles such as the Mtar and maybe a Deuce and
    a half with different paint colors and different types of speeds and power.
    Along with fighter jets, cargo jets where you can load your buddies that
    have humvees up and air drop them on a different crew base in a full map
    conquest military style. Maybe integrate a new story mode with franklin in
    single player

  14. DLCs Left for 2014:
    September 16 – Heists DLC for 1 year anniversary and it’s a tuesday
    October – Zombies DLC for Halloween
    November 11 – Army DLC for Veterans Day
    December – Story DLC like GTA IV
    2015 – GTA 5 Next-Gen

  15. The Hydra is a VTOL if ya didn’t know the name. Vee-Tol. You never call it
    by it’s name you just call it the vertical jet.