GTA 5 Army DLC – Veterans Day Pack Patch 1.18 What Happened?

GTA 5 Army DLC – Veterans Day Pack Patch 1.18 What Happened?

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  1. Guys should we be worrying about why one of the most controversial and
    violent video games to date didn’t get an update? Or celebrating those who
    fought for our country’s. I like GTA V DLCS as much as the other guy but
    cmon guys 

  2. My voice is extremely jacked up due to my most recent trip soo yeah expect
    voice crack galore :P

  3. the reason for no dlc is cs its FUCKING DISRESPECTFULL. this is supposed to
    be a time of respect for those who gave their life for you. It would of
    been extremely distastefull and disrespectfull. Just think before you
    complian about a company not cashing in on the lifes of those who fought
    for us.

  4. a DLC that had no evidence of releasing. overhyped by youtubers and fans. i
    myself would have liked a Army DLC. but if there is no evidence for a DLC
    then you should not be hyping for it. dont blame rockstar for you
    disappointment only yourself. keep up the good work and please dont
    overhype things that are not there 

  5. Today is the same thing in Canada. On November 11 (today) we call today
    Rememberance Day. We just remember all the canadian soldiers just like
    Veterans Day too (I’m missing a bit more detail for Remembrance Day)

  6. Well no offense, but you youtubers are the ones who get people all hyped up
    for these things, and then when there isnt a dlc, the people go and blame
    R* and get mad at them. Its your guys faults that people are being let
    down. R* never said theyd release a dlc every holiday, or even every month.
    So please stop talking about “future” dlc kind of stuff. Stick to your fun
    races, and other actually helpful vids. 

  7. 1. A military dune buggy w/ a turret
    2. An anti tank rifle
    3. A javelin missile launcher
    4. A three round burst rifle.

  8. This video had no fucking point. Rockstar never said anything about a dlc
    so why are you reporting on somthing that has never happened. 

  9. honestly im glad a army dlc didn’t come out…on the 11th one of the
    bloodiest battles of human history officially ended where over 37million
    civilians and military died with many more injured and you were hoping for
    a army dlc? to glorify the army and killing yesterday of alldays? gta is
    dead for last gen get over it…no more dlc and if there is they will be a
    few new guns and a car nothing to get hyped over…heists aint coming…you
    youtubers need to stop bitching and find a new game to bum.

  10. There is only one reason why this supposed dlc never came out. If they had
    released it, they would have to add tons of new animations and interiors
    for next gen first person. There’s also detail. That or there is a dlc in
    the works already and they don’t want to do more work

  11. I’m sick of filler content Gaming YTers put up about things that haven’t
    happened. Don’t put up a video to say something doesn’t exist. Lame!

  12. Sorry but no veterans day DLC lol Rockstar is just setting up the stage for
    Next gen ok they don,t have time to realise another random DLC ok in case
    people are asking.

  13. I would put an M16A2 or a Double Barreled Shotgun as the weapons… Because
    GTAV is implementing First Person, with the release of the PC and Next Gen
    coming out, there isn’t many FPS games without a DB shotgun. For the
    clothes I would add in a WW2 themed Soldier (No not just American Uniforms)
    for example: Russian, Japanese, Australian, Nazi, Itialian Black Shirts
    (Not being racist), British, French, Polish and American to fit with the
    Thompson M1A1 or the Chicago Typewriter, oh and the Tommy gun. As for
    vehicle… Maybe an AH Apache or a Blackhawk. Maybe even a new phone style.
    Thats what I would add to the game if I could.

  14. Fuck you for shaming rockstar, they’ve given a great game and all you do is
    complain that they don’t give you more. Look at the cod series, you have to
    pay the price of another game for dlc and rockstar have given you 11 free
    dlcs and all you do is complain. Yes GTA has had it’s flaws but it didn’t
    win a ton of awards for nothing. You made this bullshit up for viewing
    money and for people to back you. Next time shut the fuck up and listen to
    them before you open your god damn mouth.