GTA 5: BILLIONS of Dollars in Minutes – Ultimate Stock Market Guide (How to Make Money in GTA V)

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23 Responses to GTA 5: BILLIONS of Dollars in Minutes – Ultimate Stock Market Guide (How to Make Money in GTA V)

  1. I cant find any missions at all. ive done farther and son and thats all ive
    got up to i cant find any missions between both charecters. What can i do ?

  2. Dude Redwood Cigarettes is going down. Are you fucking kidding me? What the
    fuck, is it going to go back up? Looks like I lost 65 million to me. What
    bull shit.

  3. What should you do if the Bawsaq is continuously down for maintenance? I
    keep getting an error message and have been since the beginning of the
    game… ):

  4. That’s good advice for those who want to use it. The trouble with leaving
    the assassination missions until after the story missions is that there’s
    little to play for then. Sure, you can buy everything in the game, have
    great vehicles and lucrative properties and businesses, but what’s the
    point when there’s nothing left to accomplish to keep you interested.

    It’s something I find increasingly unappealing in games: you can have the
    best of everything in the game, but not while playing through the story,
    when it would be more useful, but at the end, when there’s nothing left to
    play for.

  5. I got so much money for Mike that even though there was more than a full
    return it gave me the original amount of money that I put in, I calculated
    it and I would have got 2000 billion dollars, I’m pretty sure there is a
    cap and thats why it bugged out, but i don’t care! I still have 10 billion
    dollars in all 3 characters combined

  6. Yes, it’s spelled “Facade” but it’s pronounced “Façade” (which rhymes with,
    er, Assad).


  7. Thanks for the tip. I reached 1 billion dollars for Mike and Franklin each,
    800m for Trevor, and all before the final assassination, the Construction

  8. I’ve been trying to get “bawsaq” to work but for some reason it will NEVER
    work. I read throughout forums and youtube that you should be online to be
    able to invest in “bawsaq”.. I finally got an ethernet cable and got
    internet on my xbox but still wont wont work. Can Someone Please Help Me?

  9. So invest on the first assassination then the jewellery heist. Complete
    game then do the rest of the assassinations? Sounds simple enough, cheers.

  10. Look up a guide for the final heist, so that you can make 35m on it. Then
    kill Trevor, that will make it so Michael and Franklin have 50m. Then
    invest in the assassinations, don’t forget to do the random event that
    makes the TInkle stock go up and give anyone investing in it a peak 30%

  11. i dont get this…. i had the same money did everything he did and told me
    too and he is getting a profit of like $200 mil and im only getting like $3
    mil from each sale. 

  12. when I invest in fruit before doing the vice assassination, its at like 390
    and it only rises to about 430 or something(25% return)

  13. i did this and didnt become a billionaire but i did make a helluva lotta
    money so thanks for that man great vid

  14. can you invest in vangelico right after you do the heist for it, or invest
    in it when you invest for bettapharmacueticles? like in the vid?