GTA 5 Car MODS, How to Mod Cars in GTA 5 (CAR MOD SHOW CASE)

GTA 5 Car MODS, How to Mod Cars in GTA 5 (CAR MOD SHOW CASE)

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  1. Prodigy, i have seen this earlier on 7s and i heard that when you store the
    vehicles in your garage the modifications go away. Have you tried it

  2. I was gonna look into it but then they announced the PC version of the game
    that will make things a lot easier 😛 

  3. QUESTION: I have added a turbo to my motorbike and now the acceleration is
    maxed out. If i keep adding mods that increase acceleration will it make
    any difference to it’s performance?Is there a specific way that you should
    upgrade the performance mods on vehicles?

  4. why when u mod but play properly and u can’t people just play games legit
    there is nothing to be proud of. if u play proplerly u can actually have

  5. I made a infernus roadster and an adder roadster!!!! Same with a comet
    convertible and a rolls royce coupe!! 

  6. hey prodigy the modding of cars in the community should be allowed but only
    to a certain extent for example. super bulletproof cars is a no no but
    cosmetic mods yes. maybe nitrous but in a limited amount i.e take a few
    second’s of recharge. maybe 007 style machine guns. no splash damage though
    and a oil dispenser or throw explosive barrels behind you. all with time to
    recharge though.

  7. When car modding really takes off upon the release of GTA 5 on PC, modders
    should consider making a range of cars for a parody British carmaker I’d
    call Weyland Motors, showing a classic version of the Weeny Issi amongst
    other cars.

  8. isnt it better to get a car and mod it to get cop light and the vring it to
    mp and store it in your garadge?easy way to get police cars inside house

  9. Some of the modded cars in this video:
    2nd car: Bifta parts on a minicooper
    6th car: police car with feltzer gt wing
    7th vehicle: Cruiser bicycle with western bagger parts
    11th car: Adder with zentorno spoiler
    13th car: police buffalo with coquette parts
    15th vehicle: Bmx bike with lowrider tires (any car can be used)