GTA 5 Car Show – On The Docks #1

GTA 5 Car Show – On The Docks #1

25 Responses to GTA 5 Car Show – On The Docks #1

  1. yo wtf everyone in the comments is thristy as fuck for the first shit. 2008
    called, they want their first’s back

  2. Hey swifter. What’s your name? Do u like my girlfriend Julie. She’s ginger.
    Also do you know my best friend Billy? He’s ginger too. Hey it would be
    fantastic if we could go in a lobby together, and 360 no scope. Wouldn’t
    that be great. Anyway I made faze rains top five clips. Pip pip Cheerios

  3. Swift u should do an lol idol about youtuber impressions were people say
    who there trying to sound like and try to sound like them

  4. 9:50 Everything goes bad

    Lol i would have cried if someone jumped over into the water

  5. how did that thing won the first round…..? jeez ppl have bad taste i like
    the black one even the gray

  6. Noah Needs to shut the fuck up Jesus he must have ADD or some shit. Switor
    ban that little mother fucker

  7. 9:50 hahaha xD I was laughting so much

    Also, when did that sub train happen? .__.