GTA 5 Car Show – On The Docks Part #2

GTA 5 Car Show – On The Docks Part #2

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  1. Optimus and megaton were brothers. So they were gay and brothers insest or
    however u spell it

  2. I swear on my mothers grave I’ll like this comment

    Remember, you swore on your mothers grave

  3. Obviously brace face is going to win even though the last car was better!
    Swift take out the people that are known, out of events likes this Cus they
    are obviously going to win even though the other persons car is better.Just
    not fair

  4. Wait Swiftor, did someone save the meter or something because in part 1 it
    went rip but it’s in part 2?

  5. The people in this game that wouldn’t stop talking made the video much less
    enjoyable :(

  6. One thing I hate, are “girl gamers” now I don’t know Courtney or anything,
    but it bugged me that on her first show she won by a long shot, and my
    reason for that is because she’s a GIRL. It so FUCKING stupid how people
    place them in a different state, just because she’s a girl. Were all
    gamers. Like as soon as I heard her voice I knew she was gonna win. Just
    because “she was a girl” and most of the guys are going to pick her because
    she’s a girl.

  7. I don’t know how many people know this but theres a very cool paint job
    glitch thats really easy to do where you can have a pearlescent matte paint
    and it looks really good in certain combinations

  8. Lemme tell you people something, I’m gonna list the things that look
    retarded on cars and that make me despair of the gta community;

    – custom tires
    – if your wheels are any colour other than black or silver
    – ridiculously large or unnecessary body accessories (e.g. Massive spoilers
    are only acceptable on the feltzer. That is all. Another example is engines
    that stick up out of the good aka bug catchers, these look ridiculous and
    do not look cool except in certain rare circumstances)
    – people who put body kit on good old american muscle cars (vigero, sabre
    turbo, buccaneer) I’m just gonna leave that there cus anyone who has any
    logic in their head will realise how retarded doing this is and how it
    looks ridiculous.
    – talking like you know what your on about is just retarded too. Your not a
    fucking mechanic so shut the fuck up.
    – putting wheels like the dollar sign low rider wheels. Low riders are gay
    and stupid anyway, they’re just muscle cars that are trying to be something
    they’re not. So putting these shitty wheels on your super car doesn’t make
    it look good it makes it look like you’re blind and/or stupid.
    – there are many MANY more things I could put in this list and I’m sure I
    have probably forgotten on or two important ones. But anyway, people,
    PLEASE STOP DOING THESE THINGS. Unless you want to look like you have no
    colour coordination, style or reputation to worry about. Then you can do
    what the fuck you want.

    Thanks as I hope I saved some people from looking like a syndrome. Your
    welcome guys. 

  9. That little 12 year old thirsty for Courtney xD. Boys always tryna hit on
    girls when the join a lobby.

  10. Dude ive wanted to play with you for a while but i dont really like xbox
    would there be a chance you got ps4 like in june if so would be the most
    awesome unibro ever

  11. wow… no offence, but i got a swiffer advertisement on a swiftor
    video…. xD keep up the good work swift!