GTA 5 Cars – Don’t Buy An Adder! – (GTA 5 Cars Show)

GTA 5 Cars – Don't Buy An Adder! – (GTA 5 Cars Show)

25 Responses to GTA 5 Cars – Don’t Buy An Adder! – (GTA 5 Cars Show)

  1. When I got my first million, I bought an Adder. Later in GTA I realized
    that the Entity was 10 times better then the Adder so I sold my adder and
    bought it. Then more faster and better cars came out and I bought most of
    them. I recommend the Elegy RH8. The Elegy RH8 is a sport car but Rockstar
    might be changing it to a super car because it’s so fast and more… It’s
    free so it’s a great car to own….

  2. My first car was a comet I upgraded it and I beat lots. Of other cars that
    were faster

  3. The thing is though.. It’s the adder, when you buy it you can say you have
    it. That’s why everyone buys it. (I wrote this before he actually mentioned
    that in the video) 

  4. Actually the adder has been proven to be the fastest car in GTA V but it
    hasn’t got much acceleration. But the voltic has been proven to have the
    highest acceleration but the lowest top speed for the super cars.
    For Top speed it the – adder, zentorno, turismo, cheetah, entity and lastly
    For Acceleration – entity, zentorno, turismo, adder, cheetah, and lastly

  5. i still have my adder from the start gta online, the amount of money
    glitch’s that things done for me :D

  6. I’ve got the cheetah and the turismo never had the adder because I drove a
    mates and it was shit tbh. The turismo is the better car but I just love
    the look of the cheetah and it’s not a bad car either 

  7. are you guys retarded the adder is the second most fastest car in the game
    and the first one is an entity xf

  8. Why shouldnt i buy adder? I have entnity or turismo for races with lot of

  9. Masacro is same as zentorno but they both cost 1025000 it’s like ader but
    more beautiful

  10. Or you can own all 8 super cars 😀

    Adder is best car to own as in terms of selling it for doing the 1.15 money
    glitch, nice $700k+ every time. I personally love the Entity and the
    Zentorno. Adder is a nice car though, come on…. its a Bugatti.

  11. 2 things.
    first off rue no offence but this is old news… 90% of the gta community
    already knows this (or the good racers atleast)
    second. rue isnt talking about using the adder for money glitches he is
    talkin about performance so quit commenting its good for money glitches
    when everyone already knows that. 

  12. in gta online today me and my friends were playing and then a hacker came
    and we had past billions and i brought every super car.