GTA 5 Cheats PS4: Skyfall in First Person! (Grand Theft Auto: 5 Gameplay)

GTA 5 Cheats PS4: Skyfall in First Person! (Grand Theft Auto: 5 Gameplay)

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  1. Olli Must read!!! Play Frogger in Gta V first person maybe do it with
    George idk if he has next gen but do it anyway (like the comment if you
    want him to do this)- ( I think we’ll find It really funny!)and Olli if you
    end up doing this please shout out me it would mean a lot
    Thanks – your lurker Preston 

  2. Looks amazing Olli! My jaw dropped when you hit the first plane. This game
    is looking absolutely beautiful 🙂 

  3. You know at this point i’m simply amazed… I would like to know if anyone
    else has this issue with the digital version of the game on PS4 or Xbox
    One. I pre-ordered the digital version of the game. Downloaded it in good
    time and installed it so it would be ready for release date. I was so
    exited last night… Jumping in a hour or two before i went to bed. You
    know what the end result was? Had to leave my system on over the night so
    it could instal… Now 6+ hours later when i wake up the game is at 49%. 6
    HOURS! Should ONE simple install take this long? And for those wondering…
    Yes, i did try to restart it by closing the game and even restarting my
    system. Result was an even slower install. And now 6 HOURS later… Oh
    sorry, now it’s at 50%. But yea, If i’m lucky i suppose the install could
    be done by the time i get home from work. But should a install take over 12
    hours? NO! Rockstar has fucked something up here. I know i’m not the only
    one with this issue. But i would like to hear if anyone else has it as
    well. And if they might have any idea why. This isn’t OK… Installs back
    in the old days of the PS3 and 360 took a few min… That was annoying. 12
    Hours… Makes those couple of min seem like nothing. By this time i would
    have been almost half way trough the storymode of the game.

  4. I think it would be alot easier for people to understand if you just said
    that the cheats are all the same as on the PS3 and 360, as apposed to
    trying to sell it like your providing some kind of new imformation. No
    offence just dont head towards view whore territory is all =)

  5. OLLIE Can you please do a video of messing with pedestrians to find out any
    new improvements to their animations? Nobody has done a video on this
    topic. We need questions answered. Do they still die getting shot in the
    foot? do they struggle to survive more or do they still die very easy? How
    about the ambulance medics do they revive like in gta4? Please give us the
    answers! You can call it The Pedestrian Experiment. PLEASE DO IT JUST

  6. +Joseph Reddy I never said I hated it only that the price should be lower
    its my opinion and im not a fucking idiot for thinking the prive was high

  7. Im not saying that you do but people still have their modded cash from last
    gen, they said they would remove any possible modded credit from your
    character when transfered but I still got mine, why?