GTA 5 Christmas DLC Update – DLC Cars & Weapons Gameplay (GTA 5 Funny Moments)

GTA 5 Christmas DLC Update – DLC Cars & Weapons Gameplay (GTA 5 Funny Moments)

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  1. “Heist coming definitely absolutely my dick is hard on patch 1.19” my
    fucking ass YALL have this fucking heist shit all up in your ass.

  2. SOMEONE HELP i cant get to gta online it says to try again later because my
    file couldnt be found what do i do

  3. Dom I think I have a good speculation of the heist release date based on
    info in the trailer. Reply please.

  4. dom everyone has missed this on west coast classics radio station you can
    listen to snoop dog smoke weed every day

  5. I have friends on PS4 that have lost some cars in the game and their
    character completely changed and there is nothing to do about it. Rocktar
    support werent any help either. This would be a nice thing to address in a
    video if you are looking for ideas. 

  6. It was funny I was on Netflix and all of a sudden my ps4 said there was an
    update I was like what the heck it for sure surprised me.

  7. I love the Xmas DLC so far…. But what I want to see is the Cherry poppers
    ice cream van come back, with the abilitiy to dress up as workers of burger
    shot and cluckin bell, and you are able to go inside those resturants…. I
    also Love GTAV on current and last gen!!!! First person mode is awesome!!!!
    Im looking for people who play that wanna do missions with me and rank up
    the right way…. PhantomRiot is my xbox gamertag!

  8. My imponte duke disappeared
    Hello domislive,
    I have a issue. A had the imponte duke on online on my first character and
    it was heavily modified after I quit and logged in again it was gone from
    the site including the other cars the dodo seaplane and the other muscle
    car from the cardealer ship so I quit gta and started it again and now all
    the cars on the site is back but my imponte duke is gone. Please help

  9. Dom is a real bitch “I don’t want to drive out with my cars” implying they
    were gonna blow them up. But dom you’re not fucking paying for it so don’t
    get butt hurt bitch

  10. Dom I have just done a 250K challenge. It was a lap race on criminal
    records and I had to beat 2 mins 51 seconds. I completed it it 2.4 and it
    said loser and took the 250k from me. Can anyone help or can someone tell
    me why this happened? Thanks 

  11. this dlc this car Cus. sucks,and i like the clothing & weapons that set
    cause i read have this car”s so and i want to be able to customize my won
    car my way R****** please. Domislive Add me ok please.