GTA 5 – CRAZY HEIST MODS! (GTA 5 Online Gameplay)

GTA 5 – CRAZY HEIST MODS! (GTA 5 Online Gameplay)

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  1. You know what’s crazy? I play more GTA Online last gen version than current
    gen because of the mods on last gen. They somehow make the game more fun.
    Even though the current gen version has the upgraded graphics, first person
    mode, 30 player lobby. That still doesn’t make GTA Online fun for me.
    (Unless they release another DLC, which makes the game fun for at least 2-3
    days then it’s boring again).

    Edit: None of the modders I have played with have yet to steal my money
    which is kind of surprising.

  2. PS4>DowngradeBox1.0

    If you want to play the inferiour console where Devs need to downgrade
    their game for to 720p and even with worse fps (Battlefield Hardline) get
    trash called Xbone

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  4. i went online naked people and giant car and got 6 billion and a pistol
    that shoots explosives when drifting in a car you hear TROLOLOLOLOLOLOL

  5. GTA 4 all over again. Game is gonna crash every 5 minutes plus gonna lose
    all your money. That sounds really fun noah

  6. Great now heists will be delayed again because R* has to waste their time
    and money patching these mods!

  7. Noah I was playing GTA 5 and I was changing my clothes in my apartment in
    game and my screen went to gray and black lines. Did I get modded or was it
    a bug


  8. They are modded lol I modded a minigun onto a bmx once I’ll upload a video
    of gameplay if I can find the mod online and record it on my cfw PS3