GTA 5 Cut Weapons & Potential Next Generation Weapons – XM25 Airburst, Fire Axe & MORE! (GTA V)

GTA 5 Cut Weapons & Potential Next Generation Weapons – XM25 Airburst, Fire Axe & MORE! (GTA V)

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  1. Thanks for checking out the video everyone! Hope you enjoyed! Let me know
    what weapon you’d want to see come to GTA 5 for the next generation & PC!

  2. I would love to see a yacht/boat dlc. Here me out. Water vehicles get
    hardly now attention and now with both car and air dlcs i wish ROCKSTAR
    would give some love to the boats category.

  3. I’m not buying an xbox one until they make them cheaper or a slim version
    $400 is to damn high now $299 is a good price but $400 is way to much that
    a third of my rent smdh fuck you xbox 

  4. Lets start a debate over what is better: m&m’s or skittles. I want long 5-7
    sentence paragraphs, and make sure you give me an opening sentence, closing
    and 3 facts that support your opinion. Also make sure to REVISE AND EDIR!

  5. I’m not going to get next gen unless I just have the money for a ps4 and
    gta 5 but until then I’ll just stick to my ps3 because paying $60
    for the same game but with better graphics isn’t really worth it to me

  6. If these are the weapons that will be awesome. I will also add that a
    machete is also very possible since its in the gun shop on current gen at
    the minute but is un buy-able. Proving that it was cut, unless its in
    future DLC

  7. I’d like to see L.A.Noire update for gta 5
    and I hope that Rockstar games will start doing DLC’s for singleplayer like
    – cars, weapons, tattoos, hair styles, clothes, new storyline dlc, more car
    tuning options, heists etc.

  8. they should add a paint gun, dynamite, tomahawk, bull pump sniper, fire
    grenade launcher, tazer shotgun, throwing knives and a machete

  9. its hard to take in this information when ur losing so horribly at this
    race…just when i think ur gonna catch up u flip the fuckin car im like

  10. Air burst means it explodes and sends shrapnel everywhere (pieces of metal)
    so this would be good on air veichels. 

  11. Actually the fire extinguisher and the fir axe were in the gta v story mode
    if you chose the sneaky way for the fib heist

  12. like someone said further down in the comments :

    Cut Missions
    A mission involving Michael stealing a Harrier jet for Solomon Richards was
    (took it from GTA Wiki page)

    like the “Harrier Jet” could potentially have been the hydra.

  13. the fire extinguisher is in the game, only accessible with mods. If you
    don’t believe me, its in my last video.

  14. In GTA IV, +GTA X Scripting created a FGM-148 Javelin/ FIM-92 Stinger
    lock-on script mod so in GTA V he and the other modders could potentially
    create new weapons and add the cut ones into the game.