GTA 5 Did You Know: Army Base Hideout, NPC Secrets & More! (GTA 5 Online Tips & Tricks)

GTA 5 Did You Know: Army Base Hideout, NPC Secrets & More! (GTA 5 Online Tips & Tricks)

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  2. Just let you in on a lil’ secret;)

    If i sound less hyper, it’s because it’s late at night, and my parents are
    asleep – it sounds dumb, but house rules:)

  3. The robbing thing happened once to me and my friend pulled of a sniper when
    he was 2 feet away lol.

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  5. Yes a NPC in story mode was robbing a hair cutter and i must surrender and
    when they got the cash thry got away , i must follow and kill them. (I was
    playing with Michael)

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  7. I saw a npc chase me and my friend he had like a stinger gt or something
    and he was shooting at us 

  8. I Had A Robbery At A Haircut Parlor! I Was Michael And I Walked In Then It
    Was There And I Remember Helicopters Chasing The Robber After They Leave!
    Yes It’s Crazy!!

  9. I walked in on a bunch of black guys robbing a store two were in a black
    van and two were robbing it when I was on a invite only session

  10. I have had it twice the haircut shop as Michael and as Franklin at this
    random retail park place were you can help them escape

  11. Think I saw a robber in a shop online but i don’t know if it was my friend
    cos he had cops off him

  12. It’s happened to me once. One time I went to get a haircut in single player
    and I saw these two guys robbing that place. You have the option to either
    kill them and deliver back the money or get the money and run away. It’s
    little things like this that make GTA 5 an absolutely detailed and
    incredible game. 

  13. One time, I was playing as Franklin in story mode, and I went to the
    hairdressers that is one road away from the Ponsonby’s clothes store near
    to Michael’s house. As soon as I walked into the door, a cutscene began
    where I was forced to the ground by two guys who had just robbed the barber
    shop, who then ran out and drove away in a car. I was so surprised, I swear
    I nearly had a heart attack!