GTA 5 DLC – AGENT Assassination DLC Missions (GTA 5 Gameplay)

GTA 5 DLC – AGENT Assassination DLC Missions (GTA 5 Gameplay)

25 Responses to GTA 5 DLC – AGENT Assassination DLC Missions (GTA 5 Gameplay)

  1. I don’t know why rockstar are working on other dlc when they can’t get
    their shit together. Nobody cares about these leaked, yeah sure it’s cool
    but everyone is interested in HEISTS. We’ve been waiting over a year for
    this. Like you might as well stop and say your making a dlc and then
    fucking gta 7 is out. Your losing fans, and fans who are still supporting
    are losing hope. R* GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER.

  2. GTA Online is awesome
    NBA 2K15 wished that they could be as cool as RyAwesome
    Ryback is a PG Legend
    CM Punk sucks
    My Brocky is a legend also

  3. Dom there can’t be a DLC for trevor because you have an option to kill him.
    Plus it would be better to be an undercover agent in gta online rather than
    story mode for reasons that i said in the begining of my comment. Like or
    ignore if you want to step on a leggo. Have a good day :D

  4. Hey Dom I think singleplayer DLC would be great and it could be the most
    creative thing Rockstar made for GTA 5 story mode. Keep up the good work
    Dom your videos are amazing.

  5. What I think will happen is Franklin will probably be assassinating because
    he already did that once in singleplayer…so might as well do it again 😛
    But actually I remember that a tweet of him (Shawn Fonteno) saying “I got a
    secret” That may lead somewhere….

  6. I’m more interested in a Standalone DLC like GTA IV had with Ballad of Gay
    Tony and Lost and the Damned. 1 I would really like to see happen is San
    Andreas 2 I’ve been wanting that since the game was announced as being in
    Los Santos. Once heist are finally out it would be great if we got a DLC
    Standalone Story!!!

  7. Good Dlc Drop a like if ur ready for heist & gtav on pc
    I found some news if u see the trailer at the end it said coming to all gens
    PS4,PS3,Xbox1.Xbox360 then u found it said PC
    I found some search & I went to to web site it said
    Gta online heist launching a January,27 I think at means…
    both heist & PC on the same day cuz im 100% is true 

  8. Fuckin A man. “Heists are gonna be the next update” later “yeah fuck that
    last statement. Wait a few more months. Oh by the way here is some secret
    agent dlc to shut up your bitching for another week”

  9. How about we get Heists, huh? Still waiting on that “first update on the
    next gen consoles” promise. Or how about Casino? Or animals? or zombies? I
    couldn’t care less about pretending to be an agent. How about we all just
    go back to Red Dead because that has ALL of those in online