GTA 5 DLC – Secret Updates! Patch 1.17 Hidden Updates! (GTA 5 DLC Last Team Standing Update)

GTA 5 DLC – Secret Updates! Patch 1.17 Hidden Updates! (GTA 5 DLC Last Team Standing Update)

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  1. Thanks for watching and be sure to let me know what your favourite
    hidden/secret update is by commenting below! Also, don’t forget to check
    out the next video which will be up at approximately 5:15pm EST. Thanks! 🙂
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  2. The best mission is now Lost Santos Connection it gets you at least 23k (on
    hard) with 5 people and is really easy if you use a buzzard

  3. im glad that the crew emblem glitch has been fixed. ( I think, i havent had
    the chance to test that out yet ) but i wish you would have the option to
    enable crew emblems at home in your closet. i hate going all the way to the
    store just to add a crew emblem.

  4. the only thing i hate about this update is that i means heists wont come
    out for at least another month.

  5. Fuck this. It’s even more glitched. I tried to kill 3 guys in separate
    sessions, they had bounties on their heads, but after killing them more
    than 5 times I still didn’t get the cash.
    Also, when making a transition between my garage and apartment, it bugs and
    I get some weird screen, then it goes back to normal.
    I have two garages, one is empty and the other was full. But one is in
    Paleto Bay, the other is in the city. I tried to put a Futo that I found on
    the street on my city house garage, but instead of getting the option to
    transfer one of my vehicles to the paleto bay house, no, I only got the
    option to permanently change the Futo for one of my cars (which I would
    loose if I did so).
    It also lags now when I make the map bigger or open the players display.

  6. im not buying this shit game for the ps4 its dead once you beat it whats
    left doing random stunts modding cars woohoo so fun not lol online is bore
    fest as well everything is so expensive theres only 1 mission that has
    high pay yeah a big 20k when everything is 500K+ FUCKING DOLLARS NICE LOGIC
    glitcher guys you helped me out alot i appreciate it since faggotstar wont
    release heists

  7. You forgot that if you go into the map menu then look at a player it tells
    you how many meters they are from you.

  8. Thank god they fixed the stripper contact issues, now my clients will never
    lose my number 😀 #SmokeyStrikesAgain

  9. Does anyone know if they fixed it where a scarf would sometimes clip
    through a button up shirt. Yeah I know its small, but i hate it so much!

  10. My firework launcher disapeared and i have never used the ammo please tell
    me if this happened to any of you because i loved saying i had it

  11. Israel does not exist. They kill innocent children just because they are
    Palestinian and Non Jewish. Stop licking Zionist ass.

  12. The worst part of this update was the “off the radar” notification to other
    players. It makes going off the Radar worthless…. 

  13. I know it’s not a big deal to some, but I don’t no why they had to patch
    the disable sirens glitch (when you tripped clicked the left thumb stick it
    would turn off the sirens and only have flashing lights on any emergency
    vehicle). There was no reason to patch that! It was quite fun to do.

  14. did they remove bad sport lobbys? because when i deetroy other peoples
    cars, i dont get the notification that i have to be careful or i might end
    up in a bad sport lobby