GTA 5 DLC Updates! NEW Content Info Request to @Rockstargames (GTA 5 Online Heist)

GTA 5 DLC Updates! NEW Content Info Request to @Rockstargames (GTA 5 Online Heist)

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  1. Everyone shut the fuck up about Teddy because he’s trying his hardest to
    make a career and inform you now who are you? ooh 12 subscribers stfu he
    has over 100 thousand now gtfo and kill yourself you haters

  2. If there’s no Valentines DLC for GTA V Online this weekend, I’m going to
    f*** Rockstar in the mouth!

  3. C’mon guys, we can’t moan about DLC. They give it out all for free. Does
    COD or Assassin’s Creed do that? I agree with heists, it has took them far
    too long to bring them out and they should bring it out soon but I’m not
    too bothered about Normal DLC because people (like me) play GTA far too
    much on the release day and then get bored of the DLC. Anyway, if you read
    this far you are awesome :D

  4. Respect to those who are constantly supporting me with positivity, you are
    the only people whos opinion matters! <3

  5. Share this with Rockstargames on twitter and Facebook, with your friends ad
    other gTA fans if you feel the same way as me! 

  6. Domislive and Domislive2 has been terminated
    well He deserved it as it is i seen in the top comments so ill say yes he
    did. he was a cancer

    crazy is gonna cry lel he cant now sit in domislive dick well next video
    why domislive terminated

  7. Tell make a new chanle plus get a new gmail account just create a new name
    like his favorite anmial like me can you tell him I encourage him to do it
    again I think people get mad because they are racist 

  8. Why has DomisLive and DomisLive2 been terminated/banned from YouTube. I’m
    starting to think this was a hacker. YouTube wouldn’t do this. Maybe it has
    to do with the people who spreaded rumors about him “buying subscribers”
    and when Dom was telling in one of his videos about how it was all just a
    bunch of bullshit, they got pissed off. This is crazy, Dom is my favorite
    GTA 5 YouTuber and he needs to get unbanned very soon….or NOW. Fuck all
    you haters of DomisLive.

  9. Both domislive’s accounts have been terminated, the fuck is youtube playing
    at. Youtube sucks balls, man just got his original account back and its
    been terminated again lol. I hope domislive gets them back, I don’t think
    he violated any terms, the guy just got his accounts back. DOMISLIVE
    doesn’t deserve it, if youtube thinks he does then I would say there’s a
    lot of youtubers who should get terminated aswell!!

  10. both domislive 1 and 2 are gone. wooo…fucking…..hooooo. everyone take
    this channel down too!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Gta 5 (Next-Gen)
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  12. What happened to domislive channels it says it was terminated plz make a
    vid about it but or something 

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  14. I think dom got terminated again because whenever o go on his channel on my
    phone it says error tap to retry or something along those lines. Also he’s
    posting regular videos on his 2nd channel

  15. Guess who’s gone,
    Gone again,
    Dom is gone,
    Tell a friend,
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