GTA 5 Easter Eggs and Secrets

GTA 5 Easter Eggs and Secrets

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  1. You missed The Sopranos easter egg. Michael and Tony Soprano have very
    similar houses, both have ungrateful wife and kids, both visit shrinks,
    both are charming sociopaths, have the same taste in music, dress similar,
    enjoy staying home and watching old movies by themselves, both are gun
    enthusiasts, very wealthy, but still miserable, both have short temper,
    both are father figures to someone they’re not directly related to – Tony
    to Christopher, Michael to Franklin, both enjoy their own company – smoking
    cigars and drinking whiskey by themselves, both were in prison for a short
    period of time, both had big possibilities in sport career when they were
    younger, both like yachts ( Tony was a yachtsman, Michael has a picture
    with yacht in lifeinvader profile ) , both cheat on their wives, they both
    were leaders of their crews, both use brain over violence, both are
    overweight, also their reactions, way they talk etc is incredibly similar.
    Also, the exact cars that Tony Soprano drove can be found in GTA V. I
    believe I’ve missed something, there might be more. 

  2. “Music:
    – “Sandstorm” by Darude (Infinite Loop Version)

    Real Music:
    – Custom Remix of Grand Theft Auto V Dynamic Score”

  3. does anyone know about the hidden feature? (compatible only with disc
    Basically you just need need to get your DNA on the disc, (spitting on it
    will work) then next time you load up GTA V, your character will be a
    complete regeneration of yourself from the real world!

  4. The easter egg of the ghost with the “Jock” wouldn’t it be “Jack” like Jack
    the rieper??

  5. You know when u can make a hour and a half long video of just Easter eggs
    you get your money’s worth of a game

  6. Since production of this game startrd straight off the back of GTA IV, in
    the 6 years it took them to make this game I wonder how long it took them
    to think up these easter eggs and implement them.

  7. And what about Tracey’s voice mail? It’s a reference to Vice City too,
    because she says her name is Tracey Suxx…

  8. I love these kinds of vids, remember watching the San Andreas Easter Eggs
    and alot of stuff I missed, but things like the frog is wrong. Looks
    nothing like Kermit -__-