GTA 5 Easter Eggs – Bigfoot! (GTA V Easter Egg)

GTA 5 Easter Eggs – Bigfoot! (GTA V Easter Egg)

25 Responses to GTA 5 Easter Eggs – Bigfoot! (GTA V Easter Egg)

  1. You spend 50% of your videos promoting your other videos. You’re style is
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  2. Fucking hell. I just replayed the story and saw the exact same easter egg,
    then I search on youtube if anyone have found it before me. And here u come
    wit 1,3mill views. Damn..

  3. i didn;t know that this easter egg exists i just typed bigfoot easter egg
    gta v after i did the mission while i was searching for guys i thought
    that’s the one and he dissapeared, a few sec later i got it, that he looked
    like the big hide and seek champion ^^

  4. You can find Bigfoot in the game but its a man dressed up. Its a reference
    to Red Dead Redemption and San Andreas.

  5. GUYS I find out that if you ply red dead ettemption undead nightmare and
    then kill Bigfoot he will never come to gta 5 YOU NEED TO TRY

  6. I saw him when I played this just yesterday, I thought he was one of the
    brothers and started worrying when he disappeared, thinking my game was
    glitched. Thought I wouldn’t be able to complete the mission.

  7. I saw that during the mission thinking it was the guy I had to find. And I
    shot it and it disappeared and I was confused. Now I know it was bigfoot
    because of this video

  8. Its a fat blonde haired guy in a bigfoot costume i did the mission just go
    to the question mark on the map

  9. First time playing the mission and I saw him and I thought I was going
    crazy especially when it just disappeared o_0

  10. the first time i played the mission i saw i was like what the hell is that
    then it disappeared i thought i was gonna get jumpscared