GTA 5 Easter Eggs – New Gen vs Old Gen

GTA 5 Easter Eggs – New Gen vs Old Gen

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  1. The jetpack is either something to do with the cube in a future update or
    the beam in Fort Zancudo is just like a Cod Zombies beam that directs you
    to the box, it straight up directs you to the elevator room..

  2. Yet this still remains unsolved what is the meaning out of this ufos what
    is rockstar trying to tell us 

  3. the jetpack isnt real, were all chasing a dead end why bother anymore

  4. I hope for the story dlc that was announced by rockstar will be about
    aliens taking control of Los santos and making it a very strict dystopian
    society, similar to maybe like North Korea. Then Michael, Franklin and
    Trevor and their friends start up a rebellion against the aliens. It will
    be something like undead nightmare

  5. On Niko’s Lifeinvader page it says “posted AN photo to Chinatown”. Possible
    reference to the An Hero meme?

  6. People should realize that those eastter eggs are just eastter eggs. On San
    Andreas the fans made a lot of myths and now on GTA V Rockstar brought
    those myths to life: Bigfoot, The Serial Killer (Leather Face), The Ghost
    of a murdered woman (ghost of CJ mom), UFOs, Aliens. There’s nothing more
    to it, it’s just a huge joke.

  7. Wen it comes to UFO’s. I like the old gen effect wen you go near it your
    screen becomes static, it just has a better feel.

  8. I really wish those UFOs weren’t just there for show. I really hope
    Rockstar makes some kind of DLC with a really good main questline just like
    they did for RDR (Undead Nightmare), and they did a really good job that
    time so i’d be happy to pay for a good quality DLC, at this point i trust
    Rockstar. I’d love a Zombies or Aliens DLC for GTAV (as long as it is for
    all platforms)!

  9. I’m from the future guys, and im playing Grand theft Auto 7 on my Ps5, and
    still no sign of Heist.

  10. the cube for all of you wondering is known as a texture cube its used by
    developers to place a certain texture across a area of the game so the
    engine knows what texture to reference for the large surface area thus why
    its a dirt coloured texture similar to the floor of mount chiliad, its just
    the basic texture map that’s been placed their by developers for the game
    engine, that’s why you can only get to it by glitching it as your not
    really suppose to see or know about them only the game engine, so not
    really an easter egg just a developer leaving something for the game engine
    to find. the more you know lol

  11. Yeah, GTA V is definitely milking all of the myths that the ‘excited’
    players from previous games made up. Especially the Mt. Chiliad Mystery. I
    bet there wasn’t even a legitimate easter egg to discover originally, just
    weird symbols etc. and the UFO at the end of the game.

  12. 6:15 uhh yeah that sound what you hear is the message we got from deep
    space a few years ago… google it