GTA 5 – Ending / Final Missions First Person Walkthrough Part 55 “Ending C” (GTA 5 PS4 Gameplay)

GTA 5 – Ending / Final Missions First Person Walkthrough Part 55 “Ending C” (GTA 5 PS4 Gameplay)

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  1. On the Xbox 360, the rereleased GTA San Andreas. I believe it’s up scaled
    to 720p also. I played it n beat it. Was very fun. 

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  3. “Lester is so quick on his feet” (7:14) Wow that is so insensitive TG.
    Making wheelchair jokes. 

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  6. When will we be getting more GTA story mode? I find the long online videos
    a bit boring… would prefer more of this stuff.

  7. thank you Typical Gamer! i’ve been looking forward to this game since June
    2013 (four months before first release on Last Generation Consoles PS3 and
    Xbox One) and i enjoyed your walkthrough. i wanted to get the PS3 just for
    this game, but i didn’t. every year i asked for the PS3, but never got it.
    i actually got one on my birthday (February 2, 2014) but, it got taken back
    because i got in trouble. i’ve been watching you and Xpertthief do these
    GTA videos for a year and a half, or two. i did all things GTA, dreamed of
    another game because i’ve played them all. i played GTA V one time on Xbox
    360, for about 10 seconds, literally. i love GTA and i specifically wanted
    an Xbox One for it and asked for it for Christmas. here i am, a year after
    the release of these “Next Gen” or “Current Gen” consoles. i’m so happy
    because i was labeling presents at my dads house, and felt a PS4 with the
    handle and everything! believe me, i was happy, but i have to keep it
    lowkey so i don’t get it taken or something. i’m so happy i’ll finally get
    my own console, my own games, and not have to share with anyone or borrow
    my friends/family members! you’ve inspired me to hopefully become a
    YouTuber, while i’m still young. i love your channel and i want to thank
    you. instead of having a PS3, i patiently waited for a PS4 and i’m so happy
    i did. i want to say that you’re an inspiration, even if it’s just gaming.
    i appreciate you so much that i dedicated three straight days to watch your
    videos! thank you for everything, you’re a blessing to me!

  8. I’d love to see you do walkthroughs of any gta games, but don’t forget
    there’s more games than just GTA. Like maybe even try Bully, or Red Dead.

  9. GTA IV walkthrough would be really awesome ! 😀 love that game, the
    atmosphere in it is totally different, more cold you know ..