GTA 5 EPIC NEW Truck, RARE Stock Muscle Cars & NEW WEAPONS! SquadCast 34

GTA 5 EPIC NEW Truck, RARE Stock Muscle Cars & NEW WEAPONS! SquadCast 34

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  1. Hey garret! takes omen vid loved it. Can you add me on xbox? (If you have
    it I’m not sure) HungryCookies56

  2. I have cars such as the modded panto, conquette and north yankton number
    plate I will swap for Microsoft points please contact me on xbox my
    gamertag is mk2 escort 572 

  3. I’m so pissed that Rockstar has done everything for the next gen consoles.
    But what about the people that are not gonna switch to next gen? I
    personally feel that Rockstar isn’t paying any attention to those select
    people and are going to lose a whole ton of players because of this effect.
    But I do understand why Rockstar is doing this. So more people will spend
    more money for another console/game for some exclusive items. But I still
    don’t like it. AT LEAST give something worth it to the XBOX 360 players. So
    they will still play it for a while.

  4. a way to balance out the dukes’o death would be that you could not shoot
    out the windows but the windows would be bullet proof :-)

  5. maybe when next gen comes out rockstar will unlock those extra slots for
    the character change where u go to switch your character and u will be able
    to make more characters

  6. Best app ever!!! GTAV Conspiracy Counter!!! Now lets have some real fun,
    lets speculate & give birth to new theories… First people see choped up
    body parts in garages now we have a murder mystery and a hatchet!?!
    Coincidence, the world may never know. Or we could find out on the 18th,
    who knows? Also if we can’t have yachts online as houses, then how does
    anyone explain the screenshot of the Dodo sea plane? Not only is that not
    the yacht from the singal player but that’s not the pier Michael jumped off
    to reach the yacht in question!!! In spite of all that I guess people are
    saying there is, what….? another plane flying over another plane and a
    boat while Michael swims from the pier that is south of the pier that they
    show in the screenshot… OK, whatever helps you sleep at night but I don’t
    believe it!!!! Lastly I know that it’s a guy from that area that would
    spraypaint shit all the time, as a matter of fact. It was about 10 years
    ago and his name was Carl Johnson & if i’m not mistaken it was something on
    the web recently about what he would look like now… Huh, I wonder if he
    would ever paint monkey mosaic paintings around the city??? Anyway let’s
    all have fun guessing until the 18th!!! Also, great vid as always!!! Keep
    up the good work!!! #WhereIsKronos 

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  8. Maybe you can transfer one character to next gen, and there will be a extra
    character slot to use to make a new character like on XB 360 and PS3.. Not
    really sure, but maybe.. 

  9. I find the Squadcast the most interesting thing about GTA on YouTube you
    informed me about things and summarised each thing in detail, absolute
    great work every week keep it up this has attracted my friends to play GTA
    again thanks guys!

  10. is the new cars coming to gta 5 online on Xbox 360 and PS3 or just ps4 and
    Xbox one message me I really want to know 

  11. since no one gave u halloween gift this one is for u

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  12. After I think about it, I think they shouldn’t let you port your character
    over to next gen… And let it be a fresh start by making everyone restart
    and reset their stats…

  13. Any Character Customizeation Glitch?How Do I Unlock The Other 3 &

  14. These videos would be a lot more interesting if you edited in photos of
    what you guys are talking about when talking about them.

    For example, when you guys are talking about all the armor and stuff on the
    Duke o’ Death, a picture will pop up of the car so we can see the detail
    along with you guys. Other examples could be when you are talking about the
    Kraken Sub, or the Chevelle Marshall monster truck, Stock Racing cars,
    weapons and more. I feel the videos would get a lot more likes that way,
    instead of us having to either think of the image or search it up while you
    guys are talking. Just my opinion.

    TL;DR – add pics of the stuff while ur talkin about them

  15. with the marshal i think the flags will be either bassed off where you are
    located in real life or it just shows the flags of the countries rockstar
    games offices are in