GTA 5: Fast & Free Money! Best Side Missions for Huge Cash! (GTA V)

GTA 5: Fast & Free Money! Best Side Missions for Huge Cash! (GTA V)

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  1. 1. Shoot the driver.
    2. Shoot the passenger.
    3. Blow the door open with a sticky bomb or grenade.
    4. Grab the dough.
    5. High tail it out of the area and lose the cops.

  2. I hope grand theft auto 6 would be a different engine and sertainly it
    would be better over time and more immersive and more realistic because
    they have made enough money to make a better game engine and even better so
    for example the PhysicX it looks like suchs a toy cars on the road. cause
    if i am a game director i think i can do this a lot better cause you will
    never satisfied what you see and feel…..just in my opinion…. I see gta
    like a very good protential open world game which have a lot of problems
    because of the hardware i see a lot of limits what is not even close to the
    real reality. It can be so much better. we need the hardware and better
    programming but different. the focus for items and stuff needs to be more
    creative so that you can be more creative in the game to plan and to
    organize things. because everybody can do the same thing but Everyone wants
    to do it differently, this is just 20% of what i have in mind to create a
    great game if you use the technology like open world games. The focus of
    this game is the charakters, the story line and the physicX of things. i
    think the PhysicX have much more protential because it can have a lot of
    creativity on his own, everything what is a item in a game have PhysicX so
    interaction between players and items is very important. For instances in
    real life you have physicX and property’s so you can build a house from
    wooden tree’s right but the thing is how, just let the Physics do the work
    just how nature does it. PhysicX hold everything together right, so
    programming must have a own world on his own to connect and mimic the
    reality so if i build a home from wooden tree’s, then if i destroy the
    connections between those woods what holds wood together then it becomes
    weak right. that’s how physicX must be like. then it becomes fun to build
    something which can be needed for survival. one of my goal is to be a game
    directory and that everything go’s trough me what they put in the game what
    we are making. but first the hardware is more important. because firstly is
    must be like reality, immersive, and authentic.

  3. there is an better side misson you can get like 10000 dollar i dont no
    where the event s but if you see that sombody’s bike is stolen get the bike
    back to him then you need to whait you will get an text message then you
    need to go to internet lcn webpage go to own properties and the sell
    evertyhing fromm anemal ark

  4. How long until you found out you only had to blow the back doors? I know
    the game was new at the time and web searches probably brought nothing of
    use but…sorry, this made me laugh…all the effort…Lol!

  5. At first, I tired using a shotgun on the back does but that wouldn’t work,
    do I just hijacked it. later on when you get sticky bombs, just throw one
    then press left on the dpad get the money and go

  6. Everyone!
    This video is old and respect to the video. But here’s how you get money
    from these trucks- Securicars more easily:
    1. In the video you can see that this is random event and in this case you
    either shoot the middle of the doors or blow them open or blow the whole
    truck up like in the video. Notice that shooting the doors open takes a
    while so dont give up if it doesnt open immedieately.
    2. You can also find Securicars randomly driving on streets of LS- although
    there wont be any event. These trucks also have guards but the doors wont
    be locked. Also these trucks dont have any money in the back, instead they
    work like in GTA IV- you blow them up and money pops out in sums of more
    than 10$. You also dont get as quite as much money as in those events.

    I hope this helps! Have a nice day ;)

  7. did he not realise that a couple of AK-47 bullets to the middle of the back
    doors blow them open?

  8. Yea I just shot the doors off the but just use sticky bombs
    lol..all that extra stuff is unnecessary