GTA 5 – Final Mission / Ending B – The Time’s Come (Michael) [First Person Gold Guide – PS4]

GTA 5 – Final Mission / Ending B – The Time's Come (Michael) [First Person Gold Guide – PS4]

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  1. GTA 5 – Final Mission / Ending B – The Time’s Come (Kill Michael) [First
    Person Gold Guide – PS4]

  2. It’s cool that you can attempt to save Michael but it sucks that you can’t
    I honestly think having more endings for both of these would of been cool
    like if you did choose to clap either T, or M it would of been cool to see
    two options where you save them but it probably wouldn’t of made sense. I
    dunno why I liked this ending better to be honest might be the dialogue
    that reminded me of GTA IV 

  3. This is the worst ending, Rockstar makes you feel like crap whit all the
    dialogues which says Michael, as University Tracey and stuff, and then you
    know that it’s actually the wrong decision when he says “you made the wrong
    call” and actually hate to see how they die :'(

  4. four things you might not know about this ending
    1. you can’t play as Michael anymore which kinda sucks
    2. “for sale” signs will be found in front of Michael’s house
    3. Similar to choosing option A (Kill Trevor), the characters will no
    longer be able to hang out with each other after the event. If the
    characters bump into one another in the street, Trevor will call Franklin
    “the traitor”, while Franklin explains that he could have chosen him
    instead of Michael, and he was not to be trusted. Trevor says that this is
    proof that Franklin is also not to be trusted, and that Michael was too
    good to him. Trevor then tells him to stay away from him.
    and 4. This ending was very ironically put by the developers, as it depicts
    Franklin betraying Michael, similar to Michael’s betrayal of Trevor. This
    is proven by Michael explaining his betrayal to Franklin justifying it by
    saying that “you keep running and all of the sudden, your legs can’t run no
    more.” After killing Michael, Franklin technically becomes similar to him
    as he would betray his best friend in order to please the higher authority
    and stop anyone coming for them, hinting that Franklin’s time would come

  5. 9:59 bullshit when Michael dies from that height when we play as him he
    wakes up in a hospital…but nooooo he dies anyway 

  6. “It’s a set up. It’s a set up. It’s a set up. There’s a traitor. There’s a
    mole. It’s a peace time over throw…” Whoops! Wrong ending. 

  7. Franklin is definitely the most boring and useless character in the game.
    Option a & b make him a complete asshole. Hopefully in the dlc, if its set
    after the events of the main story, they give you an option to kill

  8. It’s really sad that this is the only ending where you know for a fact
    Tracey goes to college.

  9. If you hear how Michael’s answer when Franklin asks him to kill Trevor and
    then you hear Trevor’s answer to kill Michael you can deduce that Michael
    is a rat and a traitor, but he doesn’t deserve death.. I think so.. because
    he has a family, something that Trevor hasn’t got.

  10. Before GTA V was released i thought Michael was going to be badass,
    Franklin cool and Trevor a terrifying psychopath but when i finally played
    the game i realised Michael was a coward, Franklin the most dull and boring
    character ever, Trevor a ridiculous psychopath overpowered by Rockstar (ie:
    killing Johnny Klebitz at the beginning so easy) and the story itself felt
    forced, rushed.. I miss Niko Bellic and his motivations and desire to find
    Bulgarin and Dimitri. Man what the hell happened to you Rockstar? You can
    always put jokes in your games but making your whole game a joke? Fuck..

  11. In my opinion, after this ending I think Trevor would eventually track
    Franklin down and kill him. I mean since they imply here that Franklin
    would end up just like Michael then I think Trevor would put an end to
    Franklin. Trevor hates “Judases” but I think in the end Michael had more of
    a reason to betray Trevor than Franklin betraying Michael. Since in Ending
    C Michael and Trevor work out their differences, who’s to say they wouldn’t
    in any other scenario? So I guess what I’m trying to say is that this is
    probably the darkest possible ending considering Franklin would likely be
    killed soon after if the story continued.

  12. The only thing I didn’t like about the storyline was this mission. How is
    it even feesible that Franklin would kill Michael. It wasn’t plausible in
    any shape or form.

  13. I think it would have made more sense for Michael to kill Trevor and vice
    versa. I could see Michael killing Trevor just like how Franklin did to
    Trevor, but Trevor might not want to kill Michael and could of done it in
    anger on accident, then felling sorry for him self, receiving that
    characteristic from Michael. Would of been interesting if Franklin got
    killed by them both on accident too. Although I just perfect them all being
    alive :)

  14. Literally shows everyone in GTA V is asshole .Trevor may be fucking dipshit
    crazy but weirdly enough he is the most loyal friend in the game .I have
    mixed feelings about all three characters. None of them are my favorite but
    I only liked Michael a little bit .I miss Niko,Tommy and CJ ,they were well
    written. Writing in GTA V is so confusing

  15. The Franklin hate comments are getting old. People say he’s boring and
    useless. Why? Because he’s not CJ? I found Franklin to be one of the best
    GTA Characters. You want a boring character in GTA then try Vic Vance from
    Vice City Stories.

  16. Ending C is the only reasonable way to go because the simple fact is either
    ending A or B ends with two of the three crew members alive and with the
    knowledge of what happened between them of what happened to the third guy.
    Devin Weston is backed by a massive network of PMCs and Steve Haines has a
    corrupt government agency he could sic on the other two. Franklin will be a
    dead man at some point, there’s no two ways about it. He can’t stay useful
    to all the people he’s tied up with forever.

  17. My thoughts:

    This ending (option B) was probably the saddest of them for me. The organ
    music right at the start of the final song really helps to add onto the sad
    ending. Michael may have been a traitor but you can understand in a sense
    why he did what he did. In my mind I just can’t see Frankin doing this to
    Michael if only because Michael was the reason that Franklin got to where
    he is now and the problems that they all face will not go away forever if
    Franklin gives into Devin’s demands. Whose to say Devin will not try to
    have Franklin killed just to tie up loose ends?

    For option A: I’m not a big Trevor fan to be honest because he represents a
    certain type of way to play GTA that I’ve never really cared that much for
    (massively pointless mayham). However I through that option A was also a
    sad ending as it felt like putting down the sick family dog and again their
    wasn’t any 100% guarantee that Frank or Mike would be able to keep Devin
    and Steve off their backs forever. Probably the most realistic outcome
    under the circumstances.

    So Option C is the best ending out of all of them. Just a great way to end
    the game.